Look Professional by These Easy Floral Nail Arts


Beauty is something that is treasured by many people and is contributed by a number of factors. These factors include well maintained hair, well treated skin and one which often forgotten by many, nail maintenance. If you haven’t been paying very much attention on your nails, you need to wake up and realize that bit that you are missing to be close to perfection. This can only be easy and more effective when we stop underrating art and encourage many people to invest in the industry. I know you are that beautiful working woman who would like to always look professional and you may thing nail art may make you look unprofessional. Rise from that cocoon of darkness and try this professional nail art below and don’t forget to thank me when you receive compliments;

1. Flowered Design

This is a very simple nail art design that everyone including that person who does not know how to write can be able to do. It includes 5 Dots that surprisingly join up to form very beautiful flower. You do not need to do rocket science for you to have the ability to be able to do. Below are its very simple steps;

  • Coat your nails with a light blue nail polish
  • Using a specific drawing tool or even a tooth pick create 5 dots using white nail polish in a circle at the corner of your nail and on the same nail create another design at the corner diagonal to the first one.
  • Leave it for 45 seconds then use a toothpick to drag from the dots to the center of the flower.
  • Carefully create two wisps using dark blue polish
  • Use a toothpick, dipped into white polish, to dot on the flower and ensure the dot is aligned to the wisps.
  • Finally glittering silver polish on top of the wisp will take it to its climax of the amazing appearance.
Glittering silver polish

2 Showers Design

Sometimes being playful and curious of knowing certain outcome after combination of many glitters is the main thing in the art industry. It is through that that the cosmic showers design came to be an official design. For now I will chose for you colors but later, you will have the freedom to do your own preference because art is being creative. The following steps will guide you;

  • Make shellac UV you base coat then immediately treat it with the UV lamp for 10 to 15 seconds. Coat it with Asphalt and after treating; apply micro-fine glitters to the nail with more concentrated glitters at the center and almost no glitters towards the edge.
  • Coat the entire nail with ultrafine glitters and apply fine glitter at the edge of almost free of glitters
  • Hologram disks design is used to create a boundary between the glitters and the UV coat. Finally use isopropyl alcohol to get rid of inhibition layer.

3. Creating swirls on a plain dark plain coat

This is a simple design that only requires one to create swirls using bright nail polish above dark base coat. Steps below will guide you;

  • Apply a base coat of Shellac UV and treat it for some seconds and coat it with Tutti Frutti then treat for two minutes
  • Apply a layer of shellac the use a styling brush to create swirls then cure it for less than 5 minutes.
  • Splash glitters on the inhibition layer and coat the whole design with shellac UV then cure it. Isopropyl is the better option of getting rid of inhibition layer.
Splash glitters

4 Dark flowered edge

This is nail art design that is suitable for those people who are very new in the nail art industry. A brighter nail polish and a black nail polish is required and obviously the following steps;

  • Apply a colorless base polish and cure it then apply a green nail polish as the second layer. Press glitters at the corner of the nail. Leave it for some time to dry.
  • Use a drawing brush to create three petals at the corner of the nail just around the glitters and dot at the center.
  • Apply gel-polish upper layer.

5 Cheetah-like design

This is a nail art design that has borrowed much from cheetah skin appearance. All you need is golden and black glitters;

  • Apply a colorless base-coat then apply the golden polish immediately above
  • Apply the dark glitters concentrating them at one corner and decrease as you head towards the opposite direction. Give it a finishing of colorless coat.

6 Flowered French design

While this design might give an output that can make people think it is a complicated design, it is very simple to do its art. Like most of the design any dark and bright colored polishes are required. Procedure is stated below;

  • Apply a colorless coat on the nail then apply the bright-colored coat.
  • Create diagonal French design using the dark-colored coat such that 2 layers are formed.
  • Use a styling brush dipped in contrasting color of both main colors to create flowers using dots at the boundary of the two layers. Then cover it with colorless polish. Ensure to allow slight drying after each layer.


Well kept nails add more to the beauty of an individual.


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