Easy and Best Holiday Makeup Ideas


Regardless of the event you are attending, you do not have to worry about your holiday makeup. Whether you are looking for something discreet or bold yet showing signs of sophistication, many options are out there for you to choose from. Looking at a couple of ideas you will get a sweet, flawless look or even an intense sparkling effect and not giving the felling that you are working for it.

Holiday Makeup Ideas 2012Holiday Makeup Ideas 2012

The holidays give one a feeling that they want to shine, escaping from the common habits, especially when it involves makeup. It is the perfect time to experiment with something different. It is the right moment for you to be bold and glamorous. Depending upon your taste and the party you are attending, you can be a beautiful princess or seductive.

Smokey, dark eyesSmokey, dark eyes

Holiday makeup does not mean you have to use vibrant, bold colors, Smokey, dark eyes or sparkles. A glowing skin, and lips and eyes that are barely colored can be romantic and sexy. Light pastels are something you should consider when selecting holiday makeup. A great option for if you want a discreet look is using a minimalist approach utilizing subtle shades which works for everyone.
You may want to select eye shadow which is darker and sandy in shade. You want to add it at the lash roots first on upper as well as lower. Then put on the mascara as well as lip gloss (make sure it is neutral in color). You may consider palette monotone and may want to use a shinny accent upon the lids or Cupid’s bow. You may want to place more emphasis on the lips or the eyes. In this case a soft, thin line upon the upper lip or a powerful red lipstick represents a stylish yet simple holiday makeup choice.

Smokey makeupSmokey makeup

It has been said that you may be charming and elegant without using too much metallic and sparkles. What is more chicks and sophisticated than the timeless black which reinvents itself every holiday. Contouring the eyes does not have to black, but can be substituted with brown, plumb, cobalt blue, or purple. This adds a little bit of a mysterious tone to your Smokey makeup. The secret to a flawless look is in the blending of your differing shades. You can get this with fundamental skills and a great applicator. If a brush is hard for you then smooth with the tip of your finger.

Eye Shadow Eye Shadow

You want to start by putting on your eye lid an eye shadow that is dark brown. You want to start from the innermost corner of your eye above the crease from the eyelash line. Put on cobalt navy above that while blurring it into the crease along the lashes. Utilizing black kohl creates a line starting with the roots of the lashes on the innermost margin from the lower lid. Seeing as how the eye makeup is striking then you want your lips to look as natural as they can look by putting on neutral colors or even lip gloss which enhances the beauty of your natural lips. If you want to look at something daring then utilize red lipstick.

If you want to go for dramatic then utilize vibrant colors which work well for the holidays as long as they are used sparingly. Apply eye pencil in a more vibrant, brighter color like green or purple. Use a thick line on the upper lids and utilize eye shadow in the exact color so that you can secure it. Do not apply more than that other than mascara on the top lashes and a little bit of lip gloss with a little pink shade. The point is to not exaggerate.

Black and Yellow eyelinerBlack and Yellow eyeliner

If you are searching for bolder looks use a combination of black and yellow eyeliner. Utilize liquid black eyeliner and create a cat eye liner. Wait for it to dry and utilize a thinner brush to apply the yellow eye shadow. For a little sparkle, utilize a golden eye shadow on the inside corner of your eye. Then put a light coat of mascara and gloss with a peachy shade.

Sparkling MakeupSparkling Makeup

Seeing as how most events are in special locations and the evening, you may utilize sparkling makeup. Nothing screams holidays like silver and gold. These are great choices for a glamorized look. Try the golden eye makeup for a daring effect. Just remember to make the rest of your makeup natural and simple.


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