Effective Guidelines For Eye Makeup


Make up is something that adds flavor to your beauty and hence while doing makeup you needs to keep perfect cleanliness and hygiene particularly when you deal with eye makeup. Eye is the most delicate part of body and needs take special care of it. Or else your eyes may cause any type of infection and damage due to cosmetics used in makeup.

Make up cosmetics and eye care

Eye shadows: The eye shadow gives shiny polish to your eyes that depends on makeup time. For a perfect day time makeup of your eyes, some tips and guidelines need to follow. The tones that you can use are pale highlighter for shading your brow bone skin area and along with basic shades for eyelids.

While applying eye shadows shades that may differ in texture deep-toned or pale or may be neutral or bright, you need to apply them in such a manner so as to appear natural and not too strong. Overall perfect blending is important and colors used should match the skin tone. The shades used should be perfectly blended so that no difference in the shades can be identified.

Different types of shadows

There are variant forms of eye shadows used these are pressed powder, sticks, gel or creams and pencil. Among these pressed powders is popularly used. They can be found particularly in two textures i.e. pearly and matt textures. For best results use wet brush that will provide you with better results. The cream shadows are mostly oil based and hence these can be well used on dry eyelids and not on greasy eye lids. Gels are found to suit well for oily skin. Pencils on the other hand work best in highlighting and filling up.

Type of Brushes

For blending purpose round bristle brush can be well used and straight bristled brush for colors.

Guideline to apply eye shadows

While applying eye shadow, begin with highlighting different shades. Just start shading the outer end below eyebrows and then shade a perfect blend towards inner corner of eyebrow then the inner way to the eye corner. Followed by this apply eyelid shadow in circular manner just upto the eye pupil. Give a uniform make over by blending to match the highlighter.


Eyeliner gives a prominent look to your eyes and provides illusion of thicker lashes. A smooth lining makes your eye more attractive and eye catchy, hence avoid harsh lining. Black or brown eyeliners are prominently used on the upper eyelid and rarely on lower eyelid.

Liner is available either in liquid form or in pencil form. Liquid liners are water based or alcohol base from which alcohol liner is waterproof. While doing eye makeup care should be taken that no cosmetic enter your eye that may cause damage.

While applying liquid eyeliner, just remove the excess of liner from brush by taping with fine point before its application. With the help of brush tip stroke evenly close to eyelashes starting from inner corner that continued to outer corner.

Eye brow pencil

Eyebrow pencil is used to shape the eyebrows and make them appear more prominent to have impact effect on your appearance. The eyebrow pencil used should not be darker then eyebrow hairs as it may give an artificial makeup look. In order to clear out excess of foundation from your eyebrows hairs brush it out properly and then run eyebrow pencil on it. For proper bordering, give light and short strokes to the outer corner of eyebrows. For smooth and perfect blend brush eyebrows properly and gently to give natural look.