Effective Make up Guidelines to Follow


Makeup presents a passage to enhance your beauty and look more beautiful and great. The perfect makeup essentials are to be find out that creates good and radiant appearance to your complexion and then go for various colors and shades. The overall makeup not only enhances and lifts your beauty but also builds up confidence and self esteem.

The first thing ever you should do is to find best ways to apply cosmetic makeup. There are various makeup tips that will allow you to do your self makeup without any professional makeup experts.

Many times it happens that even professional makeup experts could not find exact foundation shades and colors as per skin tone. So in this case, they advice to use more then one shades for brown colored women by blending two to three shades together. If you have good and beautiful look then you will feel confidence that also reflects on your lifestyle and overall behavior.

Generally it becomes difficult for many women to blend foundation or overall makeup by their own. In is quite natural but much simpler. Therefore many of women prefer doing makeup blends on customary bases. If you can not blend perfect color of foundation for your brown skin tone then readily consult your beautician or makeup experts that can guide you much better.

The simple steps that you need to follow while doing makeup are as:

The first principle that you should follow before application of makeup is to have clean and dirt free skin. This is because many often the dirt and debris on skin can cause disturbance in perfect makeup. The second thing you should remember that remove all the makeup before retiring to bed. As this also can damage your natural skin texture by blocking the skin pores by the particles of makeup remain. These makeup remains do not go away with just washing, it is required to clean well with good cleanser or also good soap. But stubborn particles can not be easily removed therefore prefer using good quality of cleansers.

For a perfect face you can use lip liner and brush lipstick shades. If you wish to make your upper part of face more protruding, you can apply highlighter depending upon the cleft or distance between nose and lips. Apply the highlighter on this region that will give your lips a protruding appearance. A lipstick gives the finishing touch to your makeup as without it, makeup is incomplete.

If your lip color is uneven, then you require a special base or a balancer to give perfect look to your lips. Fine sharp pointed lip brushes are used to give a perfect lip shape. The balancers used will help to make a perfect blend shade to suit your lip color well.

For a perfect and polished appearance you need to practice following makeup tips that will enhance your beauty:

  • Before proceeding following steps you need to prepare your face skin for better and effective makeup. Clean your face well and apply good moisturizer or may be toner and sunscreen that will prepare a perfect base to your skin for further makeup application.
  • Apply a good concealer, some lighter shades then your skin color or you can also use your fingers for application on uneven areas making perfect blend of color.
  • Uniformly apply foundation on your face or also by dotting on face and then spreading evenly by makeup sponge to create natural and smooth complexion.
  • Then apply translucent powder on your face with smooth brush that will glow your complexion.
  • Finish up with, eyeliners and mascara on your eyes, thus giving attractive look to your eyes.
  • Apply lip shades and lip liner giving double coat that will give a finishing touch to your overall makeup.

Hence these makeup tips will help you to add a beautiful look to your beauty.


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