Elaine Irwin’s Danish Furniture and Lighting Collection


Like finding the love of your life, supermodel Elaine Irwin was instantly in love at first sight with the various Danish furniture and lighting collection she owns.

Who is Elaine Irwin?

Elaine Irwin

Born in Gilbertsville, Pennsylvania, Elaine Irwin started her modelling career at the age of sixteen. When her photo was published in Seventeen in 1985, she became one of the most sought-after faces for several magazines and commercials. She graced the covers of Cosmopolitan, Elite and Glamour Self. A few years after she modelled for Ford, walked the runway for several clothing companies like Victoria’s Secrets and Calvin Klein. She is best remembered as the face of Almay Cosmetics and Ralph Lauren.

Now in her quiet life in Indianapolis, Elaine Irwin’s source of joy aside from her children is the Danish furniture and lighting collection she acquired throughout the years.

A Fondness for Mid-century to Modern Furniture and Lighting Pieces

She first discovered her fondness for mid-century to modern furniture and lighting pieces as she would go visit her mother who works for one of the international furniture manufacturers when she was younger. She says she’d always love design and fashion, but when she saw the furniture, she’d been amazed.

During her experiences as a sixteen year-old globe-trotting model, Irwin had the chance to see the different furniture designs from the different places in the world. But she was particularly in love with the Danish furniture and lighting collection.

She now house the different furniture and lighting pieces from numerous Danish designers. Irwin says she’d go to Denmark every now and then; roam around the streets until inspiration strikes.

What’s in her Collection?

Among her prized pieces is the Hans Wegner set of armchairs. According to Irwin, the kind of work in Wegner’s JH-813 armchairs showed a smooth fusion of functionality and aesthetics. With a style called “Organic Functionality,” Wegner’s work and influence is much appreciated in Danish furniture design because of outstanding quality and good workmanship.

A 1930’s wingback chair by Frits Hennigsen is also among of Irwin’s possession which she bought through an auction in Denmark.

Irwin also owns Grete Jalk dining set with a circular table and right dining chairs. Irwin says the set has been in her home since the 1960’s and still in mint condition. Other furniture included in Irwin’s collection are works of Charlotte Perriand, and the “Barcelona Chair” made by Kaare Klint in 1927.

Furthermore, among the lighting pieces Irwin now owns is from a Poul Henigsen’s wall lamps and a candelabra made by Kold Christiansen. Christiansen designed the pieces to come off as small candle holders, making it much desirable for collectors.

With so many furniture and lighting pieces Elaine Irwin accumulated throughout the years, she plans to open a store where collectors and potential buyers may see them in person. For now the pieces can be seen on the website www.dragonlaine.com, but she plans to have store erected at Venice Beach in California.


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