Emily Blunt’s Hot Pink Lipstick Made a Huge Buzz on the Red Carpet


Tired of your usual blood red “Wow!” pout? Time to give your lips a much deserved and overdue makeover! Put more oomph in your party entrance and stun more aahs with a refreshing, eye-popping, and smokinghot pink lip color.

Yes, we hear you, and we know it can be scary to wear this color and even more challenging to pull it off than your shocking red, deep burgundy and dark plum lipsticks. We’re going to be straight and forward about this truth: we promise you, it’ll be worth it!

Emily Blunt Inspires The Bold Pink Pout

To start psyching you to get you excited and make you finally pick up that hot pink tube and glide it on your lips, how about a bit of inspiration from the beautiful Brit actress, Emily Blunt — it was her, among others that followed suit, that made the hot pink “THE” color of this season’s trendiest pout.

Blunt made a red carpet entrance in New York for the special screening of her movie, “Sicario”, a movie about an FBI agent who was assigned by the US Government to tear down the Mexican drug cartel once and for all. Blunt stars opposite Benicio del Toro and Josh Brolin in this movie.

Blunt was clad in a super simple plain white pleated dress with golden lower bottom pleats, and accented with a white belt and a gold buckle. She wore a plain open toe heels in plain gold — no accents, no distractions. Blunt’s get up frankly was nowhere near jawdropping but, the pop of bold pink color from her pout was the IT thing that made the red carpet entrance definitely a perfect 10! It’s her hot pink lipstick that’s making the huge buzz since that red carpet moment earlier in September.

Blunt’s entire get up was very easy on the eyes and seemed very natural and effortless beauty being sported by such an incredible actress who’s no less than Blunt. The make up was kept just as plain — no dark colored eye shadows, no facial stunts. Everything else on the face was toned down all the way to nude. The cheek blush was a light pink with a tinsy bitsy ounce of orangy blend in it. It was as if Blunt’s boldly pink colored pout that was all there is to see.

On second thought, if Blunt’s outfit was too colorful or was plain but had busy cuts all over it, the bold pink lip color wouldn’t have stood out. If she wore stunning shoes to match, the bold pink lips would have missed the attention it has been getting since.

No wonder this A-List actress has caught the eyes of Canadian hearthrob classics balladeer, Michael Bublé, and later married to her American husband, actor John Krasinski, with who she has been raising a daughter, Hazel who was born in 2014.

Emily Blunt on Winter War

The talented actress and hot momma has also signed up to star in “The Huntsman: Winter’s War” opposite Chris Hemsworth, Charlize Theron and Jessica Chastain. This film is slated to come out in April 2016. She will also be starring alongside Justin Thereous in “The Girl on the Train”. Blunt is also set to lend her voice to characters in animated films, “Animal Crackers” and “Gnomeo and Juliet: Sherlock Holmes” together with her husband and Johnny Depp, respectively.

Conclusion: What We Have Learned About Bold Pink Lipstick?

Adding a bold pink lip color to your puckers is certainly fash, is definitely glam and is totally perfect even when spring is so next season, and the snow is just beginning to fall! Bold, hot pink lips are a great alternative to the usual smokingred lipstick.

Below are some tips on how you too can properly sport bold, hot pink lip color this winter:

Tip # 1: Choose everything in your outfit around bold, hot pink color. Keep everything in your wardrobe, shoes and accents to a monotone. Choose a wardrobe that complements bold hot pink puckers but that are contrasting enough for your lips to stand out.

Hot Pink Color Lips

Tip # 2: Keep everything else on your face nude. Use nude colors for your eyes. Don’t forget to give your face a nice, flattering frame by shaping your eyebrows well.

Tip # 3: Use a peachy cheek blush to complement your bold hot pink lips. Keep your blush complementary to the shade of bold hot pink of your choosing by using the color of the same shade but apply in a much lighter, almost unnoticeable blend.

Tip # 4: Directly apply lipstick from the tube to your upper and lower lip. Before you do, line your lips with colorless lip color pencil so you don’t mess up the lip shape you’re trying to achieve. Apply your bold hot pink lipstick using the inside margins of your lip shape as a guide. Top with a complimentary lip shimmer for a glittery finish. If you prefer a matte finish, put a pinch of translucent powder in a blush, give it a shake and brush on lips.

Now, aren’t you just as bold and pink as your lips!


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