Two Amazing Hair Ideas You’ll Want to Steal from Emma Watson


Emma Watson
Past few hours alone, she made her impact with totally two different looks. It’s no wrong to dub it The Week of Emma Watson. No one can dare take their eyes away from the different yet stunning look especially in hair department. The Bling Ring actress had color-saturated lips that had clocking at close seconds. Let’s take a close look of Watson from all the angles:

A sophisticated faux-bob:

Emma WatsonEmma Watson

Earlier the actress was sported with this tucked-under style on Monday night to “This is the End” premiere. She was looking like an old Hollywood style with the swoopy texture. Her sharp side part combined with rich berry pout made her so out of the trend. Except for her bold brows; she was an offbeat with the faux-bob.

A Show stopper French braid:

Emma WatsonEmma Watson

This look of Watson at recent night’s Bling Ring premiere at LA caught everyone’s attention. Yes she was truly appreciated for her braid look compared to her look on Monday.

This look does not have sophisticated things going yet it made her a show stopper. Her super rosy blush with deep red lipstick looked fab. The thick brows with mile long falsies made her look gorgeous and elegant. The French braid that began at the side of ears and winded around the side coiled back and made her look stunning and beautiful. She rocked with this appearance and made up for her earlier look at the premiere.

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