Hot Or Not: Emma Watson’s Quirky Caped Crop Top

Emma Watson’s Quirky Caped Crop Top

Emma Watson might be missing her Hogwarts days. She was snapped with a quirky caped crop top at a function held this Tuesday. But the Harry potter star recently attended the GQ men of the year awards. The award ceremony was scheduled at The Royal Opera House in London where the actress was found wearing hybrid crop top-cape.

Her choice of dress looked truly futuristic and sexy. It created confusion at first but the cape was perfect for the grown up little Hermione. The 23-year old actress showed her petite waist. It was astounding to find her toned tummy in the dress. It was a cream colored midriff baring top that made her look gorgeous and like fashion goddess. Her dress also had detailed appearance of the large shoulder pads. There was a cropped cape that made her look beautiful in her futuristic metallic top.

Emma Watson’s Quirky Caped Crop Top Back

To top up her futuristic appearance Watson wore a pair of black pants. It was high-waist pants which matched with her black peep-toed pumps. Her daring look was designed by Balenciaga. She was looking stunning and strike modern aesthetic at the award function.

Hats off to the trends she follows that make her look fashion forward. Look at these pictures; don’t you think that no one can pull off with this costume unlike Emma?

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