Emmy’s Gifting Suites: Lavish but Charitable Way of Showing Love


Christmas is in the air as the gift giving season commenced at Emmy’s gifting suites. Gifting suites is considered a tradition leading to the Emmy’s Awards, an event giving recognition to Hollywood’s A-listers.

What Happens at the Emmy’s Gifting Suites?

Emmys Gifting Suites

The nominees and winners of Emmy’s Awards are all invited to the lavish Emmy’s Gifting Suites. It’s like sweeping the supermarket with lavish products, from gadgets, beauty cosmetics, clothes, accessories, and even trips to the different parts of the world.

Emmy nominees and winners including Clare Danes, Tina Fey, Maggie Smith, and Larry David received a Hot Rock Jewellery gold and diamond pendant which were all engraved “Your Life Has Meaning.” Each of them also received a book authored by Kathleen Prasad.

Haden Panettiere was presented TiVoPremier 4 DVR, gift certificates for body sculpting treatments by Zarona and platinum hand vacuums by Black and Decker.

Pedal cars from Beanpatch & Co., and some plush monkeys by Franck and & Fishcher from Denmark were also presented to Anthony Anderson which he will in turn give to a friend who just gave birth.

The gifting suites also proved beneficial to companies who joined and came all the way from across the globe. Some would say that even with the gloomy economy, the gifting suites gave a wonderful opportunity for companies to have their products be seen, not just by anybody else, but by Hollywood stars people look up to. This is in hope that when celebrities love it, they will talk about it on facebook or twitter, and their fans will be stirred by curiosity to try for themselves.

Brand owner Lara Gillman is pleased to have joined the gifting suites. She is more than pleased to introduce to the public what their products are all about, and by giving the celebrities a free trial run, she is confident that her brand will become more popular.

Lavish But Charitable

However, it’s not all lavish as it looks like. The gifting suites also have charitable partners which in turn they also help with their fund- raising efforts. For example, Cancer Care received a donation of $100,000 from Tic Tac. Tic Tac also helped the organization’s efforts in promoting Extraordinary Caregivers Contest. Other companies carrying the brands of Carita, Revitalash, Piggy Pillows and Reflect It, committed to donating $1 for every sold item to help fund cancer research.

Celebrities were also asked to pose for a photo at the Humane Society booth which the organization can then promote in social networking sites.

Lyon Fine Jewellery likewise committed to donating 20% of their sale to a gay rights organization.

St. Bernard’s Project’s efforts in rebuilding homes in New Orleans also got the support of Urban Sanctuary Site.

There’s so much more at the Emmy’s gifting suites that everybody looked forward to year after year. For the celebrities who bagged a lot of goodies and free trips, the companies who joined for their product and service exposures and the charities who benefited from the sales, it’s a total win-win-win situation.


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