Emotional Insecurity in Women During Menopause


For those women who face menopause, it is no joke. Some of the more common side effects of menopause include a vast array of mental issues that can lead to physical problems and psychological issues. Many women will experience:

Emotional Insecurity in Women During Menopause


  • Mental fog
  • Emotional insecurity
  • Anxiety
  • Anger

Since estrogen, progesterone and testosterone all control, to some degree, the emotional stability that you usually enjoy during your daily life, when you enter menopause, this decrease in these hormones can lead to distressing mental states. Women can experience a roller coaster of emotions from rage to tears to extreme insecurity. A woman who was once considered to be calm and rational may now accuse her husband of infidelity, her best friend of theft or her children of abandonment. Since few people realize the extent of the emotional wreckage that insufficient hormones can cause, most women just think they’re going crazy and never chalk it up to the “change” of menopause. Menopause supplements can help to offset some of these imbalances, however, and can bring normality back to your life.

Feeling emotionally insecure is a terrible state, and can lead to health issues as well. Some of the issues can include high blood pressure, insulin resistance, heart problems or weight gain. This can be caused by estrogen depletion, but stress can exacerbate the symptoms to a remarkable degree. Menopause supplements can often be taken during peri-menopause to help prevent the emotional insecurity from getting the upper hand. You can get both over the counter as well as prescription supplements that can help.

Reduce Stress During Menopause

Depression often follows up on the heels of emotional insecurity, and depression can prevent you from having healthy relationships with your friends and family. If you experience a loss of hope, you need to seek professional help from a physician or mental health professional. Remember, menopause symptoms will not last forever, you aren’t going crazy and there is help available. Depression can have serious consequences if left untreated, so get the jump on your mental health with supplements, the proper diet and plenty of exercise as well as counseling.

In addition to taking the recommended menopause supplements, it is a good idea to get counseling to help you through this tough stage of your life. You may be grieving about the loss of your youth or the loss of your childbearing years, and some counseling can help you work past these issues and move you forward.

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