Enhance Your Hair Beauty With Herbal Care!


From the ancient era, herbs were basically use for nearly every purpose. Due to its useful and healing properties herbs are being used greatly in most of the beauty products. Shampoos, conditioners, soaps and other beauty products use herbal ingredients as base component.

Particularly for hairs the most common herbs used are rosemary that acts as good conditioning substance for hairs making them for shiny and silky. Chamomile is a good herb that helps in softening of hairs. Parsley works well in thickening the hairs and giving dark color to your hairs. Southernwood enhances hair growth whereas herb called burdock controls dandruffs on your scalp. On the other hand, herb known to originate from kelp to yarrow can assist in reducing hair loss. There are other herbs like lavender that just gives pleasant aroma to hairs.

Our hairs are more exposed to environmental factors like wind, rain, and storm, sun light and other factors that can damage the hair structure making them weak and dull. Then raises a hair problems and hence we become more cautious to take care of it. Even the internal environmental of body like hormonal changes, genetics, and any disease etc, can result into hair problems. If you are very much concern about your hairs sensitivity towards harsh chemicals and artificial substances used in hair care synthetic products, then herbal care is a best care that you can give to your hair.

The shampoo that you use to wash your hairs plays a key role in cleaning it. Therefore if you are looking for herbal shampoos then you should first look on what type of hairs you have. According to your type, you need to look for the treatment. Following information will help you to choose perfect herb shampoo for particular hair type.

For dry hairs comfrey roots, avocado, elder flowers and orange blossoms are effective.
For normal hairs herbs like dandelion, clover, and horsetail can be used.
For oily hairs watercress, white willow bark, lemon grass and strawberry leaf herbs are more effective. If you want ethnic hairs you can prefer comfrey, nettle, vinegar, quassia and cherry bark. For softening of hairs burdock root, cherry bark, olive oil and marjoram herbs are effective. Birch bark, white willow bark, comfrey, nettle, peppermint and vinegar fight against dandruff. Nettle, rosemary, onion juice, sage, help in hair growth.

The herbal hair conditioner is a safe way to give natural protection and care to your hairs. These imparts natural soothing treatment to hair as well help them to grow.

Jojoba conditioner: It is a naturally prepared herbal conditioner that can be prepared with the help of jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and one cup of floral water. For this take rose water in a boiler and warm it slightly. After it is warm add jojoba oil to it, then add the vitamin E to it and prepare a proper blender and keep it for 2minutes.

For better result you should follow some steps of applications:

First of all wet your hairs with warm water. Then apply the conditioner on your hair, and scalp and massage it gently. If your hair is in worse condition then keep the conditioner for some more time on your hair, so that your they may be conditioned properly. After some time remove it by rinsing it with warm water. Make sure that you not keep the conditioner for longer time as it may also cause damage the hair. After doing this you may apply shampoo and rinse it thoroughly with cool water.

This will give a shining on your hairs and make them strong from roots. It will also remove all the unnecessary dead scales from your hairs making them strong from within. Also removes dandruff effectively without any side-effects.


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