Erasable Permanent Tattoos: The Next Best Accessory You Can Wear


Ever thought about getting a tattoo but always hesitated because you might eventually outgrow it and want it removed? While laser surgery can now literally erase any tattoo and obliterate all of the memories attached to it, the process does not come without a hefty sum of money and an awful amount of pain.

Tattoos are a great way to stylize your skin but, they truthfully become an eye sore as they battle it out to keep their attractiveness in spite of the wrinkles and sagged skin that come with age. Worse, they may even become constant, inescapable reminders of a past that you’d rather forgive and forget.

With the newly invented erasable permanent inks, you can finally get that tattoo that caught your eye for some years now, and not have to worry about what to do with it when suddenly you wake up one day and want it off of your skin.

Erasable Permanent Tattoos: What Is It and How Does It Work?

Erasable permanent tattoos are the newest buzz in self-expression. Created by five engineering students specializing in Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering of the NYU Stern, this revolutionary tattooing ink will completely change the way people think about, use and erase tattoos! Say bye bye to painful laser surgery removal, and welcome your newest, coolest form of self-expression!

Ephemeral, the young company behind the erasable permanent tattoo ink, was borne out of a school-based entrepreneurial experiment which, the team behind Ephemeral won. The company claims that the secret to this new tattooing technique lies in the tattoo ink itself. The team claims that tattoo artists will not need any special equipment or gadget to get this kind of tattoo done on you. They can simply apply the special ink, and when you want parts of your tattoo or even the entire tattoo erased later on, the team recommends using a special solution to completely blot out your tattoo and not have to mess up your skin at all!

What’s in it is Ephemeral’s biggest proprietary secret!

What you must know is that, with the team having recently won $75,000 in an entrepreneurial challenge staged by the NYU, production for the Ephemeral special ink and removal solution are underway. The Team of 5 have been proclaiming that their newly designed products will be available in the market by 2017.

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So, if you are still contemplating on getting a tattoo done on you, probably wanting to get rid of it later shouldn’t have to stop you from finally getting that butterfly or initials, or whatever design you have in mind, etched permanently on your skin. With Ephemeral’s permanent solution, you won’t have to worry about getting branded ‘fake’, and you can stop caring about staining your towels and clothes with henna.


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