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Beyond being a journalist, NFL on Fox sideline reporter, Dancing with the Stars co-host, and TV personality, Erin Andrews is also a cervical cancer survivor and IVF treatment conqueror. Needless to say, this woman is a super tough fighter!

Erin turned 39 in May this year, but no one would have guessed this, especially when she flaunted her amazing body in a red bikini on the cover of the most recent July/August issue of Health Magazine.

The blonde star attributes her perfectly shaped and toned body to an active and healthy lifestyle. Know more about the Erin Andrews diet and workout in the next sections of this article!

Erin Andrews Workout Routine

Being a thriving member of a male-dominated field, Erin admits that she always ends up eating and drinking like the guys. Her job also comes with a lot of stress. And her best way to handle both? By staying in shape, according to her.

  • Erin’s Gym Visits

She said that she makes it a point to have it in her mind to work out every single day. If she doesn’t get her workout for the day, she also refuses to let that hold her back but only reminds herself that it’s okay.

Nevertheless, she still tries to do something each day. The glam star also burns much of her calorie intake through intense workouts in the gym four to five times per week.

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  • Staying Fit Even During Her Busy Schedule

However, because her work requires her to be on the road more often than not, she does not have a steady gym experience, but she always tries to get creative with her workout improvisations.

For example, she walks up and down stadiums and stairs or runs around hotels where she’s staying. That way, she is not allowing her busy schedule determine her workout activities.

  • Her Love for Fitness Classes

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Being a very competitive person, Erin also admits her love for workout studios and classes where she gets to be around people who push her on. Standing at 5’10”, she is a tall woman, so she makes sure to work on her legs.

According to her, classes with other women also get her to work on her core and butt, so they’re perfect to help her maintain her feminine shape.

She enhances her curves through Physique 57 and Barre classes. Aside from these, she also engages in stamina, endurance, and strength training as well as fat-melting cardio.
The bombshell’s workout regime also consists of occasional Pilates, plyometrics, yoga, and martial arts.

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  • Cardio Is Life

According to Erin, she is a dancer her whole life. In addition to her dance background, she also claims to go for a run or hit the treadmill when she can’t go to dance classes. She is not much of a runner, but she believes she needs the cardio benefits that it offers.

Needless to say, being a dancer gives the star both elegance and flexibility in her movements. The key, says Erin, is to maintain variety in the workouts you do to keep you motivated and immune from monotonous exercise.

An example of what she does is switching and mixing up the speeds and inclines on her treadmill. This, according to her, makes her feel as if she is doing a full body workout aside from cardio.

  • Prioritizing Mental Health

Erin also works out for her mental health. After battling with cancer, one of her oncologists reportedly told her to get some sleep and not stress out, to which she responded, “I’m in Green Bay on Sunday and the ballroom floor Monday — stress and not sleeping is my way of life.”

Instead, the star said she had been really trying meditation to take deep breaths and de-stress as part of the Erin Andrews diet and workout.

Based on her interviews, Erin says that her addiction to staying fit roots from the fact that she feels more energized and happy after working out.

In an interview with Health, she claims that she also hates working out too. In fact, she claims that she is always in a crappy mood whenever she goes to the gym but when she walks out, she feels like Celine Dion– her heart will go on!

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Erin Andrews Diet Plan

Erin Andrews Diet Plan

As for her diet, being surrounded by men and having acquired their eating habits, Erin still recognizes the differences between the diet and nutrition requirements of men and women.

  • Portion Control Above All

With her health as a priority, she tries to avoid saying no to food and to eat what she likes but is strict when it comes to portion control. According to her, her motive is not really to get full, rather to satisfy her appetite.

  • Managing Unhealthy Cravings

She suggests that instead of being tempted and depriving yourself of your favorite chips or cookies, it’s better to just eat a piece or two to pacify your cravings.

A strategy of hers to discourage unhealthy eating habits is eating the nutrient-rich portion of certain foods and trying to consume less of the unwholesome parts.

For example, when she wants to eat a sandwich, she does not eat the whole thing. Instead, she only eats a small piece of the bread but finishes all the vegetables inside.

When she was younger, she revealed that she loved junk food like pizza, burger, and soda.

She admits to being a soda girl and would often rely on soda to stay caffeinated. Although admittedly a food lover, Erin also confesses that she noticed changes in her body as she ages that are not very pleasant.

“I’m not gonna lie, I eat fried chicken, I love macaroni and cheese, and I love grits… I just try to be really smart with it. I don’t need to finish my whole meal. But I’m not someone who starves herself, either.”, she says.

  • Making The Right Food Choices

She also developed a way to consciously pick healthy choices over unhealthy ones. She said that with age comes slower metabolism, so it becomes more important to practice good and healthy eating habits.

When asked about her favorite breakfast, she answered– an All American breakfast with bacon, hash browns, scrambled eggs– the works! But she knows that she can’t have that every day, so she also goes for lots of Vitamix smoothies.

Also, she said that she stopped drinking soda for her caffeine kick and noticed how much weight she lost. “It’s amazing.”, she said.

  • Finding The Right Balance Between Love For Rice And Eating Healthy

A tip for the fans of the Erin Andrews Fitness lifestyle: regular consumption of rice could be the culprit behind your plump body. Switching from white rice to brown rice will have many benefits. Brown rice is higher in fiber and nutrient content because the external husk and bran layers are still intact. These provide extra fiber and vital nutrients.

However, here’s a simple trick that you can follow: dip rice into a solution of vitamin B, fiber, and proteins. In this case, white rice will be able to soak and absorb the solution better.

This will turn it to a color of red or brown and make it extra nutritious, even more so than brown rice. Polished rice also does not change in aroma or taste when used this way. It also cooks faster and becomes easier for your body to digest and process.

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The Erin Andrews diet and workout seem to be pretty simple. However, the real challenge is mustering the strength and discipline to actively choose to eat right and stay active every single day. Are you up for the challenge?

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