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Erin and Sara Foster didn’t have an average upbringing. That’s because their Dad, David Foster, was a mega famous music producer. The two sisters rub shoulders with celebrities such as Courtney Cox and Kate Hudson, and they started appearing on TV when most kids were still hanging at the mall. They also appeared in a Backstreet Boys music video.

Kelly Atterton, the West Coast Editor, recently caught up with the two sisters and had time to talk with them about L.A. beauty and their satirical show. Their responses during the small interview were quite impressive.

On what sparked the idea for the satirical show, Barely Famous, Erin said a network called them and asked when they were going to do a reality show. At first, they considered this to be a bit rude, but it planted the seed of the idea in them: “a show about two sisters who refuse to do reality TV but are letting a camera crew film them to document it”.

Sara said they lived in a town where people are known for doing nothing and referring to being on a reality show work. She said they wanted to create a show that poked fun at these people in a non-mean-spirited way. That’s how Barely Famous was born.

Beauty and fashion in L.A.

Beauty and fashion in L.A.

Asked about one the of the biggest beauty clichés they noticed in L.A., Erin said in L.A. there are a lot of women who get into the trend for inner happiness putting much of their energy into looking younger by using anti-aging products. It’s all about Botox, laser and some beauty products that have nothing to do with health but everything to do with losing weight as fast as possible.

Erin said that it is ok for women to want to feel beautiful provided they do the work on themselves to be the kind of person they want to be.

About fashion trend, Erin said she saw platform flip-flops everywhere in L.A. but didn’t think they were fashionable. And on their favorite L.A. beauty spots, the two sisters fell for Kate Sommerville for products and skin, Beauty Park in Santa Monica for skin, and Andy Lecompte salon for their hair.

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