Essentials on How to Plump Lips


How to Plump LipsEvery woman has her own perspective when it comes to beauty. Some would want longer lashes, fairer skin while some dream of having fuller and luscious lips. Angelina Jolie serves as an icon for sexy and beautiful lips. That is why we can’t blame women who do everything to answer their dilemma on how to plump lips. Provided are some tips that will help you in achieving those beautiful and gorgeous lips.

Convenient Ways on How to Plump Lips

  • Exfoliate your skin. By doing this, you are removing dead skin cells and stimulating the flow of blood in your lips. There are exfoliating products available in the market; however, if you refuse to use those products then you can rub your lips using your toothbrush or Vaseline. But be careful that you observe a once a week habit of exfoliating your lips because lips are very delicate and sensitive.
  • Hydrate yourself. Drink lots of water every day. Hydrated mouth makes your lips fuller and moisturized.
  • Add dimensions to your lips. Choose lighter shades rather than the dark ones. This is because of the reason that light things seem to appear bright and magnified. The colour combination of your beauty cosmetics like eye shadow and blush on will do the trick too! If in case your lips are warm colour then use gold eye shadow, otherwise (cool colour), use silver eye shadow. In this case, your lips will be enhanced.
  • Use lip plumper. The most popular way on how to plump lips is the lip plumper. Its main goal is to make your lips appear fuller. When applied, it will cause swelling due to the substances that is present and irritates the skin of your lips. Experts explained that the irritation caused by the lip plumper is not dangerous, unless you have allergic reactions to the substances.

Complex Procedures

  • Lip plumping injections are advanced procedures that can give you sexy and plump lips. There are several procedures you can choose from depending on your situation. Remember to take precautionary measures when undergoing the process because if not performed correctly, it can cause negative effects on your skin.


  • Understand every product that you use, some ingredients can harm your skin and your lips.
  • There are many other ways on how to plump lips, so seek for the most convenient and perfect for you. You don’t have to undergo surgeries; there are natural ways to achieve those gorgeous and fuller lips.

Achieving your dream of having plump lips can be complicated, but with patience and persistence your dreams will indeed come true. Choose the procedures and products that you believe are the best way on how to plump lips. All you have to do is to think beautiful to stay beautiful.


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