Evening Eye Makeup Tips for Parties


Here are some evening eye make-up ideas:

If you want to have beautiful bright night makeup you will need something more challenging. There are eight basic tricks to make up your face:

Evening Eye Makeup Tips for PartiesEvening Eye Makeup Tips for Parties
  1. Every nine of ten people have a dark circles under their eyes. They can be caused by allergies, exposing to the sun, heritage or not enough time for sleeping. The easiest and cheapest way to hide them is to use foundation or concealer. Some professionals recommend putting them slowly with circulated movements from the chin up to the forehead. Thus the down on the face will be hidden.
  2. For permanent eye make- up, it is appropriate to use eye base. It will help you to get rid of the greasy effect.
  3. Evening Eye Makeup Tips for PartiesEvening Eye Makeup Tips for Parties
  4. In order to achieve the incredible effect of your eyes, apply a three-toned shadow. First, place the lightest color close to the eyelashes, starting with the tear duct and ending up to the eyebrow. Do the same with the next color and end with the darkest one. Use a brush to let the edges overflow.
  5. Take the black eye line or the eye pencil and start with the front edge of the lid. Contour a fluent line until the eyelashes end. To receive a smoked effect of your eye, use a brush to pat a black or other dark color of the shadow.
  6. The bright eye is one of the last eye make-up ideas. You have to pad some gold or silver shadow on the tear duck part of the eye. Use your finger to spread the color.
  7. To make your face more expressive, turn an attention to your eyebrow by using the same effect as the above.
  8. Evening Eye Makeup Tips for PartiesEvening Eye Makeup Tips for Parties
  9. For a fancy effect use a clip to curl the eyelashes. For a better effect before the usage of the curler, it is better to heat it in order to soften the tire on it. Use the hairdryer but after that test the clip to prevent your eyes from burning.
  10. At the end but not the last thing is the mascara. If you want you can put some base on the eyelashes to make them look thicker. Then lay the mascara. You can lay it twice but you have to leave a few minutes so that the first layer to dry. Your eyelashes will never be stacked.

The Eye Make-Up Ideas 2012 can be written on the Internet. The colors this year will be the different shade of grey to black.

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