Avoid These Eye makeup Mistakes Making Your Eyes Look Smaller


If making your eyes pop out and liven up so much more has been challenging you for years then, you were destined to come across this blog so you can finally stop doing your eye makeup wrong and, start doing it right!

What are you doing wrong?

Many things said about makeup application basics are conveyed in such a universal manner – you know, as if everyone was blessed with the same assets or built with the same skin. The first thing you should do then to stop making the mistakes in doing your eye makeup is to unlearn everything you think you know about eye makeup. That’s the only way you can make space within your beauty smarts for the tips for making your eyes bigger which you are about to finally find out.

Below are three of the most basic eye makeup tricks that have been fully accepted and widely recommended – well, which make your tiny eyes even smaller and, therefore, you need to stop doing:

1. Using a black, liquid eyeliner to line your eyelids. Dark colors make things, even wide framed bodies, look smaller, so it makes sense that dark eyeliners bring about the same kind of effect on your eyes, right? Black eyeliner does give you that intense, sharp stare but, if you want larger eyes, say goodbye to cat eyes!

2. Putting on those smoky eyes incorrectly. Yup! You heard that right! Just because you’ve been doing the smoky eyes by the book does not mean that you’re doing the trend any justice. If you have been simply playing around with blending all sorts of dark colors then, you’ve been on the wrong road. Take a u-turn because there’s no one smoky eye trick that fits all eyes, big or small, hooded or not. You have to find the right smoky eyes trick that will be perfect to accentuate your small eyes – more about this below.

Right Smoky Eyes Trick

3. Wearing false lashes. You say, ‘since when was it possible to be wearing too much eye lashes’? Right! You may have been subscribing to the wrong type or even the wrong brand of false eyelashes. The wrong set of false lashes can make your eyes look extra heavy, and therefore closes your eyes, making your eyes look even smaller than they already are.

What you can do to make it right?

You can’t simply do away with these three things in your makeover must-dos, can you? Of course, you can’t and you shouldn’t. You’re just going to have to replace your old habits with new ones. Here’s how:

1. Trade your black eyeliner with a nude or white or metallic eyeliner to make your eyes pop out. Another tip with eyeliners is that you don’t need to line your lids from the tear gland, all the way to the outer corners of your eyes. Since you have small eyes, you can start putting on your eyeliner a few centimeters away from your tear gland. Also, don’t take your eye line all the way out. Remember, too, to line your eyelids thinly. Thick eyeliners will only make your eyes look smaller. In short, the trick in putting on your eyeliner is to be more conservative with application.

2. Try a new trick for smoky eyes that fits smaller eyes like yours. Don’t part with this trend just yet. Here’s the deal, use only your black or dark blue eyeliner if you absolutely need to get your smoky eyes on. Just make sure the tips of your dark eyeliners are very slim and super fit to draw very thin, hairlike lines.

Make it Right Eye Makeup

Alright, start by putting on concealer on your eyelids. Next, begin lining your eyelids. Use a liquid eyeliner to line the top of your eyelids, tear gland to outer corners with a short, well defined rising line. For your bottom eyelids, use white eyeliner first then follow through with a black or dark blue eyeliner pencil. A pencil gives a softer look and thus, this trick minimizes how makeup diminishes your eyes. Don’t line the bottom eyelid too thinly, just let the imperfections of eyepencil strokes show.

Using your white eyeliner, fill in the area in between you top eyelids and below the fold of your eyelids. This time, work on the top half of the crease. Start by blending in a nude eyeshadow that is about two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. Bring the color just a few centimeters above the fold and extend a little bit on the sides of the eyes. Again, don’t overdo and don’t over extend.

Lastly, take your dark eye pencil and draw on the fold of your eyes. Blend in some of that dark color only to the outer half of your lower and upper eyelids just to give your eyes some of that shadow. Top off your look with thick mascara.

3. Wear the correct false lashes that do not make your eyes look small and heavy. Find false lashes that are fine bristled, thick but just long enough to make your eyes look stunning.


Different strokes for different folks! Another perfect trick to match the challenges of having smaller eyes. Check!


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