Eye Makeup Tips and Tricks According to Your Eye Shape


Often, the sad fact about guidebooks, tips and tricks to putting on makeup is that everything is taken as if everybody had the same eyebrows and eyelashes and eyelids. It is as if all women were blessed with the same eye shape, and so your makeup ends up in a disastrous or less than flattering results.

What do you do? The first step is simple: forget everything you know about putting on eye makeup! The second step is to look at yourself in the mirror and figure out what your eye shape is.

How to Determine Your Eye Shape?

Eye shapes are determined by examining the shape of the inner and outer corners of your eyes. For deep set eyes and droopy eyes, the size of the eyelids matter too.

For your easy reference, you can simply google up eye shapes to see photos and illustrations of various eye shapes that you can compare with yours. Some of the most basic ones are listed and briefly described below.

  • Small eyes, describes those who have small rounded eyes and, unlike Chinese small and elongated eyes, this eye shape may take on a combination with other eye shapes with the fact that the eyes are small.
  • Prominent eyes, describes those with large eyes.
  • Round eyes, describes those with average sized eyes that are rounded both on the inner corner and outer corner of the eyes.
  • Close set eyes, characterizes eyes that are too close to the bridge of the nose.
  • Wide set eyes, are the opposite of close set eyes. They have their eyes set too far from the bridge of the nose and appear too far apart.
  • Almond eyes, are shaped like almonds with the pointed tip on the inner part of the eyes and the rounded corners on the outer end.
  • Downturned eyes, describes eyes with hanging outer corners that are placed lower than the tear glands and, like droop eyes, appear heavy.

Taking Advantage Of Eye Makeup To Flatter Your Eye Shape

Eye Makeup To Flatter Your Eye Shape

Generally, use darker and thicker eyeliners and eye shadows where you need to highlight a part of your eyes that has been corrected. Conversely, you use lighter shades and tints on eye areas where you don’t need to use eye make up as a corrector. When you have broad eyelids, use darker shades to fill in and make the eyelids appear smaller. On the other hand, if you have small eyelids, refrain from using dark eye shadows and stick to the lighter shades.

  • For small eyes, refrain from using dark and thick eyeliners on both the upper and the lower lid. If you use eyeliner for the upper lids, draw a line that’s only as thick as your hairstrand and nothing more. If you have very small eyes, you may want to drop the eyeliner completely or, draw a line only from the middle part of the eyes towards the outer corners of the upper eyelid only. Use a white or metallic eyeliner for the lower lids. Use the same to color the tearglands to reflect more light on these open areas.
  • For large or prominent eyes, use dark eyeliners for the top and bottom eyelids to make eyes look smaller and tighter. Complement with a darker eyeshadow for the full length of the upper lids and a dark eyebrow.
  • A Dark Eyebrow
  • For rounder eyes, stretch the eye window a bit by using dark eyeliners to draw a fake, sharp line on both the inner and outer corners of your eyes. This will make your eyes appear elongated.
  • For close set eyes, concentrate the dark colors on the inner corners of the eyes towards the nose bridge. This technique makes eyes appear less farther apart. Perform a contrasting technique if you have wide set eyes, concentrating the dark colors on the outer corners of the eyes.
  • For almond eyes, elongate the outer tips using dark eyeliners that go all the way in to the tear gland corner of your eyes. Try a cat’s eye! It will improve your stare and will take care of those rounder corners. Complement the look with high arched eyebrows for a sharper look.
  • For Asian eyes, refrain from using dark eyeliners as it will only make the small, elongated look of your eyes appear more prominent. If you have to use eyeliner, use a white or orange color. When it comes to eye shadows, choose lighter and nude colors that also complement your skin. Orange, peach and pink beautifully flatters Asian skin.
  • Down turned eyes, probably the shape that can be most challenging to fake. To improve the appearance of downturned eyes, follow this simple trick. For the inner corner of the eyes, keep the eyeshadow closer to the lids and increase distance from lids as you brush towards the outer corners of your eyes. Use lighter shades for the outer corner since using darker shades will only make the eyes feel heavier and therefore make the outer corners seem to be even more hanging.

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Love the eyes you have while taking advantage of simple eye makeup dos that enhance your assets and bring out the best in you!


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