5 Eyebrow Products You Need to Get Naturally Looking Fuller Eyebrows


If you’re a real beauty junkie or just debuting to become one, you know that a beautiful face is largely defined by great looking pair of eyebrows, other than beautiful, healthy skin, that is. In fact, you can practically get a way with a makeup-free look, missing every makeup product other than your skin perfecting cover-up and giving your eyebrows a little bit of tweak.

While you most definitely must have an eyebrow gel or an eyebrow pencil in your daily makeup beauty go-to bag, there are other products you just got to have to knockout the eyebrow department with a lot of oomph on your bushy, well-kept arch. Here are the products you will need along with a quick run down on how you can use these:

Product No. 1: Highlighter


Define your brow bone with a highlighter. Trace on the bone. Give your brows a quick contour by lining the top and bottom of your eyebrows too. The highlighted pulls up and forward your eyebrows so that it appears more well-defined. Give yourself an instant brow lift with a highlighter too by lining the underside of your brows once more after you have your eyebrow in place.

Product No. 2: BB Cream / Concealer: The prime skin on your eyebrows with a BB Cream and help define and keep your eyebrow products in place with the help of your neutral concealer. Trace along your eyebrow and use these to mark where the direction of your eyebrows should be.

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Product No. 3: Eyebrow Pencil Or Powder

Eyebrow Pencil

Women with oily skin don’t like eyebrow pencil or powder because their skin tends to soak in these products. However, by using products 1 and 2 listed above, this can be avoided as these remain to be essential in getting naturally thick eyebrows. Mark important points on your eyebrows first — the inner end aligned to the sides of your nose, the high point on your eyebrow diagonally aligned to the sides of your nose and center of your eye, and the outer corners aligned to the side of your nose and corner of your eyes.

Product No. 4: Tinted Eyebrow Gel: After finishing up with your eyebrow pencil, brush your brows with a spoolie to create a soft gradient out of your eyebrow pencil. Then, top your eyebrow pencil with gel which has a stronger hold to keep your eyebrow in place. Leave the inner corners sparsed looking with just the eyebrow pencil on.

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Product No. 5: Translucent Powder

Translucent Powder

Clean up the around your eyebrows with a translucent powder which leaves you with better defined, well-groomed eyebrows. Tap at the back of your hand, a quick swipe with a concealer brush then, drop around your eyebrows.


Voila! Five products and five steps to frame your face with the best-looking eyebrows you’ve ever given yourself. The only thing missing is skill so, keep practicing!

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