The Perfect Eyebrows: Get Eyebrows According to Your Face Shape


The perfect eyebrow shape is not one but many. There’s one shape that perfectly fits you, and it depends on many factors that include the shape of your face, how lines and contours are defined on your face, and even the shape of your nose. Your eyebrows do not only frame and open up your face. They can also play a role in balancing all of your facial features so that you end up with an overall look that’s just right for you.

What’s Your Face Shape?

In case you haven’t already figured out yet, the first step you need in defining your eyebrows is to get to know your face shape. Stand in front of the mirror and evaluate if your face is shaped:

  • Oval, a combination of wide and rounded, this is the perfect face shape when it comes to defining eyebrows. The width of the forehead is perfectly proportioned with the narrowness of the chin.
  • Round, defined by the plumpness of the face, it’s small with a rounded chin.
  • Long, where the face is almost rectangular because of the evenly sized length from forehead all the way down to the chin where it rounds out into a soft curve.
  • Square, perhaps the harshest faces are the ones with square cheeks and square jaws.
  • Heart, contrary to squared faces, heart-shaped faces are similar to oval but delicately carved.
  • Diamond, normally have narrow foreheads and widest around the cheeks, with a well defined chin.

Your Eyebrow Solution

As soon as you’ve figured out your face shape, it’s time to find out the right eyebrow shape that fits it.

Oval Face Shape

Oval Face Shape

People with this kind of face do not need to fake or create an illusion of the face being proportionately shaped – it is already the perfectly proportioned oval shape. Now, all you have to do is to take your eyebrow brush and start arching from the tip of your nose bridge and bring it all the way down to the outer corner of your eye. Make sure to draw only a slightly curved line and avoid a sudden drop on the outer corners which will make your eyes look old and droopy.

Since, this is the perfect face shape for perfect eyebrows, you have a second choice. Another eyebrows shape that will fit you well is a slightly arched eyebrow. Do the same as the other. Start by drawing from the tip of your nose. Either half-way or three-fourths through towards the outer corners of your eyes, make a soft angle and arch it slightly but don’t drop the line outright. Instead drop from the angle very slightly and then flatten out.

Round Face Shape

Round Face Shape

What round faces lack are defined contours, suffering their faces to look flat. Well-defined, sharply-angled eyebrows should create an illusion of more defined facial features. Start lining your eyebrow from the top of your tear glands. When you reach the center of your eye, sharpy angle up then let it fall sharply on the outer side of your eye. Try not to make your eyebrows bushy as keeping it tight and clean helps give your eyebrows better definition.

Long Face Shape: A harshly angled eyebrow certainly wil make this face shape even seem longer. To create the perfect illusion of a fairly sized face, arch your eyebrows with soft curves. Starting from the bridge of your nose, draw a very slightly curved, almost flat, line to the outer corner of your eye. The trick is to make your eyebrows extend further so that it creates an artificial, additional width for the top third of your face so that it seems wider than your chin. Take care not to drop the line.

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Square Face Shape

Square Face Shape

This is one face shape where an angled eyebrow is definitely not going to be useful. Soften the harsh facial contours by drawing soft curved eyebrows. Start by drawing a line where your eyebrow crosses directly above your tear glands then bring it to a soft, almost flattened curve, all the way to the outer corner of your eye. Extend the ends some more to soften the facial angles even more.

Heart Face Shape: This face can sport either a curved, soft angled or, sharply angled eyebrows. The only thing you should watch out for is making the eyebrows too thick as it will feel or seem too heavy for the soft, delicate chin.

Diamond Face Shape: Since this face shape is both harshly contoured and widest on the eye level, the best trick to balance it out is to draw very soft, almost flat eyebrows. Start by lining only from above the inner corner of your eyes and end exactly at the outer corner. Do not extend your eyebrows as it will only add width to your already thick eye area.

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You can skip your face creams or even drop the mascara and your blush but, there’s no way you can forget to perfectly line your eyebrows or at least groom it to shape.


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