Eyelash Enhancer FAQs Answered


If you want to have thick and long eyelashes, you have probably thought of trying an eyelash enhancer. The problem is that there are many questions you may have regarding these products. To cut through all the confusion, here are the biggest questions (and answers) to the top eyelash enhancer questions.

Q: What is an Eyelash enhancer? How does it work?

An eyelash enhancer is a product that is applied to the base of the eyelid where it promotes the growth of naturally fuller lashes. These products basically work by strengthening the lashes to prevent damage and premature breakage. Formulations typically stimulate keratin production for stronger lashes.

Q: Are all Eyelash enhancers Effective?

Unfortunately, there are many unscrupulous companies that sell ineffective formulations just to make money. To make sure a product is effective, you have to take a closer look at the key ingredients. Also, check what reviews from people who have tried it are saying before buying a specific product.

Q: Are Eyelash enhancers Safe?

Eyelash enhancers Safe

Most products on the market are safe but there are formulations that contain potentially harmful ingredients. Watch out for prostaglandins which can cause side effects such as skin discoloration, changes in the color of the iris and unwanted hair growth. Again, it is very important to check the formulation of a product before purchasing. You should also follow the product directions carefully to prevent possible side effects.

Q: How soon can you Expect results?

How fast an eyelash enhancer works depends on the formulation. The best products can deliver permanently thicker and longer eyelashes in a few weeks. Some formulations that are weaker can take more time. It really depends on the key ingredients of the product.

Q: Is a Prescription needed to buy an Eyelash enhancer?

Prescription needed to buy  an Eyelash enhancer

There are eyelash enhancers that are only available by prescription. However, many over-the-counter products are available which offer similar results. The best thing about these non-prescription formulations is that they are usually a lot cheaper.

Q: How much are Eyelash enhancers?

The price varies greatly with some products costing more than $100. However, most eyelash enhancers are priced around $40 to $60. Remember that the price is not an indication of how effective a product is.

Q: Can you use Mascara with the Eyelash enhancer?

Mascara with the Eyelash

Yes. Most eyelash enhancers can be applied before you wear mascara. There are also eyelash enhancers that offer the same instant effects as mascara so you won’t need to use mascara with these products.

Q: Are the Effects permanent?

Eyelashes naturally have a short lifespan so the effects of eyelash enhancers cannot be permanent. The lashes will eventually fall off. Thus, you need to use eyelash enhancers continuously if you want to maintain the results. Once you stop using the formulation, the lashes gradually return to normal which usually takes a few weeks.

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Q: What Eyelash enhancer brand is the best?

There is no best product for everyone. The effects can vary from one user to another so you may need some trial and error to find the best formulation for you.


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