Eyeliner Stickers for Getting Perfect Winged Eyeliner Without any Mess


Have you tried every possible way to get your winged eye right but still failed? If, for whatever reason, you can’t get your winged eye lines right or, if it’s taking you too much time to draw and even out both sides to make them mirror each other, this latest trend in winging your eye lines will come as a good news for you!

The next best thing to drawing your winged eyeliner? Well, winged stickers or winged patches! These stick right on the spot where you need them to show.

Here are some tips and tricks to wear this trend without messing it up (like you always do drawing your winged eyeliners):

Winged Eyes

Step 1. Take one of the eyebrow patches and measure it up against one eye. Check that the eyeliner sticker perfectly matches the shape of the corner of your eyes so it goes on smoothly when you stick it on. If it doesn’t perfectly match, which they normally won’t, cut out a portion of the patch just enough to line your eyes with. Use a small pair of sharp scissors to do your cutting.

Step 2. Once you’re done shaping one patch, do the same with the other. Trace and cut out the other patch using the first cut out as a guide.

Step 3. When you have both eye patches ready, start cleaning your eyelids to make sure that the eye sticker adhesive will keep your winged eyeliners in place. Do not put any product on eye lids and make sure it is squeaky clean and free of grease.

Winged Eyeliners

Step 4. Curl your eyelashes. It will be more difficult to get this done once you already have your sticker eyeliner in place. Brushing with the mascara may pull the stickers out of place.

Step 5. Put on your mascara. Brush your eyelashes upwards and across to give your eyelashes a nice, clean flutter.

Eyelashes Upwards

Step 6. Stick on your winged eyeliners. Remove the adhesive that comes with the sticker to reveal the double-sided tape on the underside. Start by lining the bottom of your eyeliner sticker with your natural eye line first. Do not immediately stick it on in one go. Once you’ve aligned the sticker to your eye’s natural curves, stick on the rest of the sticker to your eyes.

Sticker to your eyes

Step 7. Perfect your winged sticker eyeliners. With the aid of a fine tipped brush, press down to make sure your eyeliner stickers stay in place. In case your eyeliner sticker does not come with a strong adhesive, make up wjth an eyelash glue. If there’s still some skin showing between the sticker and your eye line, simply fill in with your gel liner. Paint highlights and shadows on the rest of your eyelids.


Winged eyeliners have never been so easy to do that this! Save time and always get your eyeliners right with eyeliner stickers.

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