Taylor Swift: 9 Facts that will Make you Love Her Over and Over Again


Pop and country – Many artists from different generations have attempted to fuse the two genres together but none became as successful as singer, songwriter and musician, Taylor Swift, in doing so. The young, multi-talented and multi-awarded singer born in Wyomissing, Pennsylvania is no stranger to superstardom, neither is she isolated from controversies.

9 Things to Endear Taylor Swift to you

Fall in love with this beautiful artist all over again by being reminded of the following list of 9 things she is best known for:

1. Taylor Swift is one of few young artists today who creates and sings her own music, and she started doing so at a very young age. Inspired by one of the biggest names in country music at the time, Shania Twain, she moved to Nashville, Tennesse. By the time she was 14, she was handing her CD demos to record labels headquartered in the city in hopes of becoming America’s next top music celeb.

Taylor Swift Young Artist

2. “Our Song” captured the top spot on the Billboard Hot Country Songs Chart, making Taylor Swift the youngest artist to do so, and the youngest one to ever perform. It was the perfect song to launch the artist who eventually became the epitome of country + pop.

3. In 2008, Taylor Swift solidified her ownership of the country and pop sound which brought the world two of the most well-loved songs of the then-very young artist, “Love Story” and “White Horse”.

4. She is well-known to write about her relationships and ex-boyfriends. “Back to December” was rumored to be meant for Taylor Lautner, “Dear John” was allegedly addressed to John Mayer. As for her brief relationship with Joe Jonas, she wrote “Better than Revenge” which fans speculated was directed at Camilla Belle, later linked to Joe Jonas

Taylor Lautner

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5. One million copies were sold on the first week of release of all her three latest albums, “1989”, “Red” and “Speak Now”.

Taylor Swift  Fans

6. Taylor Swift is famous for spending hours signing autographs and taking snapshots with her fans. She said she understands how it is to be a fan.

7. When it comes to the music industry, Taylor Swift stays opinionated. She spoke out against and asked her music to be taken off Spotify as the outfit fails to give proper recognition and compensation to artists. Many artists later demanded the same and pulled the plug off of Spotify.

8. Despite knowing success at a very young age, Taylor Swift waited until she was 21 before she had alcohol.

9. In 2016, BMI awarded the artist with the first-ever Taylor Swift Award for her outstanding contribution as an artist. Michael Jackson is the only other artist who has been given the same level of prestige.

Taylor Swift Award

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There certainly is a lot to love about Taylor Swift, both as a person and as a world class celebrity.

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