Bloated Belly: 5 Easy Ways to Reduce Belly Bloat With These Fall Foods


Fall may mean colder weather but also drier skin and a bloated belly. Fight unwanted bulges, gassy stomach and indigestion this season by loading up on foods that you can easily get a hold of in Fall.

Try these 5 foods today:

1. Celery


Incorporate this leafy vegetable, also a popular tasty food flavoring, in your salads, meals, snacks and even drinks. It’s a natural diuretic and rich in fiber, therefore supporting healthier digestion and metabolism. Add celery to your fresh salads, asian noodles, lunch sandwich or dinner fish dressings. If you need instant relief, simply dunk a stalk into a cup of boiling water and drink as tea or, add to your cold water or carbonated water.

2. Dehydrated Papayas and Pineapple: Combine this anti-bloat duo in their dehydrated forms in summer so you can safely keep a jar full of these nutritious fruits in Fall. Simply dehydrate freshly cut slices. Follow instructions included in your dehydrator closely. Seal in an opaque, airtight container to lock in the goodness. Turn this into a snack come Fall. Papaya contains papain which aids in digestion while pineapple contains potassium and bromelain which help your system excrete excess water and digest proteins, respectively.

3. Ginger


Known for its many medicinal properties, ginger is used for almost anything that involves pain of muscles and joints, and even nausea. For your digestive health, ginger can relieve stomach aches and spasm caused by gas and water retention. Include ginger in your salads, soups, or even grate is and use it as a condiment to your meals.

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4. Asparagus: This superfood contains arginine, asparagine, glyceric and glycolic acids that help relieve the feeling of being bloated and give asparagus its natural diuretic properties. Flush out those excess fluids and expel that gas by including asparagus in your soup and main meals. This nutritious food can also be eaten raw.

5. Ripe Bananas

Ripe Bananas

It may be harder to find these in winter. Again, you may have to dehydrate this potassium rich food. Potassium collects the excess water inside your digestive track and flushes it out of your system, relieving you of queasy tummy and gassy stomach.

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Other remedies you can try

These foods can help ease bloating in your stomach, and is you can help it, you’d want to do some of the things listed below as well to relieve you of bloatedness:

  • Lessen your intake of salty foods which is the primary cause of water retention.
  • Reduce starches in your diet which your body cannot easily digest.
  • Avoid artificial sweeteners which have components that cannot be easily broken down by your body.
  • Don’t skip meals. Passing up on meal time accumulates gas in your tummy.
  • Drink lukewarm water with a squeeze of lemon before meals to aid digestion.

Relieve your stomach of gassy and bloated situations. It isn’t just a problem of getting bigger you should be concerned about but also its health impacts.

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