Fall Hair Accessories Trends to Follow For Stylish Beautiful Look


Complement your best, knockout looks this Fall by adding a flare to your usual hairdos. Better yet, practice some new hairstyles – braids and buns will continue to be popular this season – then end with pieces of eye catching hair accessories that are just as hot and trending now as your Fall outfits.

Here are five hair accessories to own and oomph this Fall:

1. Metallic Bun Cuffs

Metallic Bun Cuffs

2. Metallic Hair Bands: Simply give your hair a low bun. Let some of your curls hang loose on the sides. Top you head with metallic hair bands that come in all shapes and sizes. Wear this trend on your crown or on your forehead or hairline to rock this season’s metallic trends. Do take inspiration from the tasteful way the metallic hair bands have been worn on the runways of Marc Jacobs, Chanel, Gucci and Louis Vuitton. This metallic accent is great with your non-metallic outfits.

Another flattering way to wear this season’s hottest metallic trend is by wearing metallic bun cuffs. Buy one or make one from your old bangles. Simply glue a thin scrunchy in place and top your high pony or bun with it. This will look good on both your metallic and non-metallic ensembles.

3. Floral Accents

Floral Accents

Another great way to wear your locks this season is to clip floral accents. Get your floral clips on. The Diane von Furstenberg runways teemed with floral accented hairdos. Let spring thrive on your crown even as leaves begin to fall this season. The most flattering way this accent has been worn on the runways was by dividing the hair into two- with one side much thicker than the other – and then fine curling it. Allow your curls to be thick and heavy. Clip the thinner side with flower accents.

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4. Leather Ribbons and Bands: Braids will continue to be seen this Fall, and still inspired by the braided beauties of The Game of Thrones. Only this time, the trending hairdo becomes sees a refresh with the addition of leather pieces to your locks. Cuff your band with a thick leather with push buttons or velcro. Use a strand or two to incorporate in your braid and secure your ends with a leather bow.

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5. Gem Accessories

Gem Accessories

None other than the Alexander McQueen runways were filled with toned down metallics adorned with gemstones. It ain’t so much about the glitz but the glamor that comes with this trendy hair accessories. Wear these singly or fill your crown with it and you’ll be fine in this season that loves the metals. You can literally pull off your fashion statement with only this to accent.


Prepping to make a fashion statement? When you’ve put together your ensemble, your shoes, your makeup and accessories, never miss out on putting together your hair. Turn your hair into your most breathtaking fashion statement ever by wearing the best and trending accessories this Fall.

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