4 Male Makeup Artists Worth Subscribing On All Social Media Platforms


They are better known online as the beauty boys. Their Instagram likes and YouTube subscribers are in the millions and six-digit range or close to it and it’s easy to understand why. With their complexion and pigments right on the spot, perfectly lined eyes, and flirty eyelashes, ladies as well as other men who love makeup and are obsessed with beauty will want in on thee beauty boys’ makeup secrets.

If you’re seeking the ultimate way to get the best use for your long line of cosmetics, here are the only 4 male makeup artists you should be following on the Internet:

1. James Charles (jamescharles)

James Charles

While several years back, and with MySpace still reigning on the world wide web, it was Jeffree Starr, now owner of the famed Jeffree Star Cosmetics, who became the male makeup artist that first made the world recognize that cosmetics are not just for women but for men too. This time, it’s 17-year old James Charles’ turn to make waves globally. Why not? Other than currently having close to 800,000 followers on Instagram, he also happens to be the newest face of CoverGirl —the first beauty boy to ever be signed up by a major cosmetics brand.

2. Manny Gutierrez (mannymua733):

Manny Gutierrez

He is gorgeous with bare skin, and plenty of girls must have cried long before he was making videos on YouTube. Now, more ladies are thankful because he’s giving the world “the” scoop when it comes to perfecting beauty. With 2.7 million followers on Instagram, women and men alike find his skills and shares extremely relevant. Trust you will too, and love his glammed up life as well.

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3. Gabriel Zamora (thegabrielzamora):

Gabriel Zamora

You’ll know he is the beauty guru you’ve been dying to meet when you see his doll blue hair, iridescent complexion and soft yet mysterious stare. He has worked and breathed social media for years, and his recent move to join Ipsy which was started by another social influencer and product critique, Michelle Phan, solidifies his pedastal as a must-know male makeup artist online. As of writing, Gabriel has amassed 111,000 followers on Instagram alone, and over 30,700 subscribers to his YouTube channel.

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4. Angel Merino (mac_daddyy):

Angel Merino

Just as the critics of this newly stylized movement to include men in cosmetics are whining that colored men remain under-represented yet again, this master of beauty is living proof that even guys who are richly colored have a say in this revolution too. He’s not just proving his fame with 1.2 million followers on Instagram, he is cashing in on his brand too. He is CEO of ArtistCouture, a cosmetics company Angel founded.


The rise of these male sages and ambassadors of beauty is not unprecedented but the current waves each of them are making on all things concerning allure and good looks are phenomenal! The real beauty insider in you should keep up with what these beautiful men have to offer.

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