Fasting and Weight Loss: Equip Yourself with Accurate Information


Can fasting help you lose weight? Absolutely! Try fasting for a day and you will immediately lose around 5 pounds. Does this mean that if you fast for 5 days, you will lose 25 pounds? Probably not. This is because the fast weight loss is mostly due to dehydration. Not eating decreases the sodium level of the body which is important for water retention. The 5 pounds or more you lose is mostly water weight which comes back when you start eating foods with sodium.

Why Fasting is not good for Weight Loss

Fasting and Weight Loss

According to studies, fasting negatively impacts weight loss in the long-term. This is because it causes the metabolism to slow down because of the state of starvation. The brain sends a signal to the body to hold on to its stored energy in the form of fat.

This means that fasting for several days actually results to shutting down the metabolism which leads to weight gain in the long term. When you start to eat again, your metabolism will still be at a decreased state so even with a low calorie diet you will still not lose weight or even gain weight.

Also, even short-term fasting can have many side effects like dizziness, fatigue, headache, abnormal heart rhythms and many more. In the long-term, it can negatively impact the immune system and vital body functions and in some cases, damage organs like the kidneys and liver.

The Best Diet for Weight Loss

Fasting is not ideal for weight loss. So the next question is, what to do? Interestingly, the best diet for weight loss is eating small meals every 2-3 hours. This is the most popular diet used by celebrities who have god-like bodies. Some examples of celebrities who use this diet are Halle Berry, Jessica Simpson, Jessica Alba and Jennifer Lopez.

Eating frequent small meals considerably boosts metabolism which results to fast weight loss. In fact, this is the secret of bodybuilders and models that have flat tummies and amazing six-packs.


Fasting really works for a few days. However, it is very dangerous to the health and wreaks havoc on the metabolism which is not good in the long run. This is not the best solution to losing weight. The best solution is to simply practice self discipline in eating. Metabolism is imperative for weight loss and eating several small meals a day is currently one of the best ways to boost metabolism and lose weight fast.

Weight Loss With Healthy Diets


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