Fabulous Festive Makeup Ideas for Christmas Party


Christmas parties usually happen after work. You have prepared your dress and party shoes. But after your eight-hour shift, you have to ready your hair and make up before you head to the party. You need to look your best for that Christmas cocktail party. But you have to do that in just a few minutes. You can learn from the experts some Christmas party make up ideas to look beautiful in minutes.

Sarah Jagger For Your Make-Up

Glittering, sequenced dresses are the fashion trend this season. But to stand out, it would be best to bring the glitz and glamour on your eyes and adorn them with jewel-like textures, says professional make-up artist Sarah Jagger.

Jagger has worked with top celebrities like Reese Witherspoon. He has also authored the illustrated book and DVD called Magic Make-Up Tips & Techniques.

Mix strong eye make-up with neutral shades like nude shades to get the right glitter effect on your eyes. You can wear this look whether during the daytime or night time.

Eye Make-Up

Here are some easy steps to follow to get those dazzling eyes:

  • First, you need to have a base for your entire eye make-up and highlight the brow bone. You can achieve this by putting a matt of flesh-coloured eye shadow. If you have a fair to medium skin tone, you can use Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Bone. Apply the eye shadow from your lashes to your brows.
  • Next is creating that classic smoky eye. Bobbi Brown Eye Shadow in Sable is an excellent make-up to create shade on your eyelid. Apply it on the socket line and under your lower lash line. Put a Chanel Exceptionnel Mascara in Smoky Noir finish to create that classic, but natural looking smoky eye.
  • You should accentuate the shade around your eyes to emphasise the glitter in your eyes. You can apply Estée Lauder Automatic Eye Pencil along your upper and lower lash lines. Make sure it is thick and don’t be concerned if it is not that neat. Smudge those lines using an eye shadow brush. This can give you an attractive smoky look. Blond those shade up to the corner of your eye sockets. Try adding more black pencil for more depth.
  • Finally, make your eyes glitter by putting a dot on your eyelid using your fingertip. You can use MAC Pro Multi-Purpose Mixing Medium Gel to make the metallic glitter stick. Use the metallic colors that fits this season, which are shades of gold, silver, bronze, and copper. Dip the eye shadow brush in the glitter and press it on your eyelid. Try putting it on your lower lashes to make your eyes look more dramatic. Sarah Jagger especially likes MAC Pro Glitter in Gold.

Akin Konizi For Your Hair

Professional hairdresser Akin Konizi said that for this festive season, big is beautiful. Crimping, waves, curls, and volume are the trending hairstyles for this year’s Christmas season.

Akin Konizi

Konizi was awarded British Hairdresser Of The Year for 2008 and 2009.

Larger-than-life hair is the main theme this year, he said. Inspired by the decadence of Studio 54, he suggests that Dannii Minogue bob whether you have long or short hair.

If you are in a hurry and you only have a few minute to prepare for your Christmas party hair, he suggests dishevelled French pleats, top-knots, low-slung buns, and chignons. These hair styles don’t need much time to style.

He said you don’t need to be a professional to pull off these desk-to-disco hair style preparations. You can add on some accessories to spice up your hair style. He suggests putting on some feathered head bands, vintage lace hair brooches, and diamanté hair corsages. Style your hair with the accessory of your choice as the focal point.

You can use grips to highlight your style by using them as an outerwear. This is the hottest trend right now, he said. You can get that cool retro look by putting the fringe part of your hair out and then backcomb and quiff it.

Here are some easy to follow step by step guidelines to prepare your hair right before you go to that Christmas party:

  • After that eight-hour shift, your hair could get pretty dry. You can use Wella’s High Hair Crystal Styler and then backcomb your hair from the root to get that added volume look.
  • Arrange your hair into a pony tail. You can tie it either at the back or at the middle of your head. You can also get a little unconventional by arranging them at the side.
  • Push those gathered hair back using your fingers to add texture on your hair style.
  • Design your pony tail by coiling the excess to keep it simple or add more detail by splitting them into random sections, while securing them with grips.
  • To keep them that way, use Sebastian’s Zero Gravity hairspray. To add some sparkle to your hair, you can also use System Professional’s Luminous Deep Reflect Shine Spray.

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