Here are 7 Things That You Can Expect to Happen in Fifty Shades Darker


Do you still have the closing scene of “50 Shades of Grey” clear and fresh in your memory? “Ana.” “Christian.” Then, the elevator closes. Heart-breaking. That’s not exactly how viewers and Hollywood producers are going to close the curtains on this blockbuster! Christian will run after Ana (sigh), with the trailer for “50 Shades Darker” already launched, brace yourself for a more shadier, more complicated plot and, of course, steamier scenes come Valentine’s 2017.

Here are 7 things you can look forward to in this installment:

1. Meet “Mrs. Robinson”

Meet Mrs Robinson

Remember the family friend, Elena Lincoln, who taught Christian all the tips and tricks of the trade, including the whips, the ropes and the chains? She will be making a grand entrance in this film. Ana and Christian will be hand-in-hand as they make their way to the Grey’s masquerade ball. Will Christian play her submissive once again? You will soon find out. Already, you can start imagining “Mrs. Robinson” having the face of one of the most timeless actresses of all time, Kim Basinger.

2. Ana will find out that Elena and Christian are Business Partners: The two own Esclava, a beauty salon. Ana will be disgusted at the fact, and Elena will figure out that Christian is genuinely interested in Ana for love and not just for his sexually perverted practices.

3. Elena Blows Away Her Secrets

3. Elena Blows Away Her Secrets

When Elena raises her voice towards Ana, insinuating that Ana is only after Christian’s fortunes, Christian’s family learns how Elena has sexually abused their son when he was only 15 years old.

4. Elena is not the only woman obsessed with Christian to make a showing: Leila Williams, Christian’s former lover who was previously married and later reveals to have also wanted to change Christian, takes envy of Ana’s relationship with Christian. She becomes Ana’s stalker and later has her at gunpoint.

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5. Ana and Christian will be Reconnected:

Ana and Christian

You’ve always known they will but, this time, you know how. The two both attend a photo gallery exhibit of Ana’s friend, José. It only takes a few minutes for both to figure out how much they longed for each other. Then, they started kissing torridly under the rain in the alleyway. Christian later tells Ana he wants him back. Ana soon after accepts and tells Christian, “No rules, no punishments, and no more secrets”.

6. Christian gets down on one knee to propose marriage to Ana: The scene happens at the Grey’s boathouse. Surrounded by the romantic ambiance created by soft lights and lovely flowers, Christian holds up a ring and asks Ana the ultimate question. Ana hesitates and asks Christian for more time. She gives in later in the film.

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7. Steamy Scenes: It wouldn’t be a “50 Shades Darker” film if there weren’t any. You can look forward to a shower sex scene. As to whether Jamie Dorman will go full frontal – well, nobody’s talking. Soon, lady, soon.


Get ready to unleash your BDSM side.

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