How to Get a Figure like a Celebrity


Most women are not satisfied with their bodies. They usually have a problem area like the butt, legs or stomach. Celebrities have the best figures and are known as the sexiest people on Earth. Here are some ways on how to get a figure like a celebrity:

Proper Diet

There are many kinds of diets available today. Celebrities use different diets with similar results. Basically, all you need to do is to cut 300-500 calories daily to strip away excess fat and lose weight quickly. This means that you should create a daily calorie deficit of about 300-500 calories. This is the only way to get rid of excess weight and problem areas like the flabby tummy and plump hips. Diet is the most important aspect when it comes to weight loss and how to get a figure like a celebrity.

Halle BerryJessica Beil


Most celebrities strut perfect curves and trimmed physique. Exercise is next to diet when it comes to attaining and maintaining a sexy shape. Cardiovascular exercise is the major part of the exercise programs of female celebrities. This is because it burns the maximum number of calories in the minimum time possible.

Interval training is known as the most effective type of cardiovascular exercise for weight loss and fat burning. It significantly increases metabolism for fast weight loss even several hours after the workout. This is one of the newest effective ways on how to get a figure like a celebrity.

The secret on how to get a figure like a celebrity is strength training. This is how celebrities like Pink, Jessica Biel, Halle Berry and swimsuit models get that slim yet curvy figure. To achieve a great-looking butt and legs, the squat, lunges and deadlift are the best strength training exercise.

For firm arms, dumbbell triceps extensions and dumbbell curls are the best exercises. For best results, stick with a weight that only allows you to perform 12-15 repetitions. This will make the muscle firm for celebrity-looking legs, butt or arms. Of course, a full strength training program that works all of the muscle groups is the key to achieving a celebrity figure.

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