Finding Dory -10 Interesting Facts you Need to Know


Before you take your seat to see this latest animated blockbuster, there are 10 interesting facts about the movie you may be thrilled to know. Read on.

1. Ellen DeGeneres Is the Voice Behind Dory
One of America’s most followed tv personalities, Ellen DeGeneres, is the voice of the lovable blue tang fish with a yellow tail, Dory, who suffers from short-term memory loss.

2. Dory has the Most number of Likes among Animated Characters
Dory beat Nemo and other characters with over 25 million fans on social media.

3. Dory is only the Third Female Lead character Appearing in a Disney-Pixar Animated Film

Dory The Lead Character

The very first was the admirable lead character in the 2012 film, ‘Brave’, Merida. The second was Joy from 2015’s animated blockbuster, ‘Inside Out’.

4. ‘Finding Dory’ has Been on the Drawing Boards since about four Years ago
The scene that takes Dory into the Marine Life Institute alone took 13 months to finalize.

5. Andrew Stanton Directed Both ‘Finding Nemo’ and ‘Finding Dory’
Stanton directed ‘Finding Nemo’, and returns as the lead director and lead writer for ‘Finding Dory’.

6. Nemo gets a New Voice Actor to play the Role in ‘Finding Dory’
The original voice of Nemo, Alexander Gould, is now 22 years old. The 12-year old voice talent, Hayden Rolence, takes over in ‘Finding Dory’

7. The Marine Life Institute in Finding Dory is Fictional

Finding Dory is Fictional

The true-to-life feel of this film setting is inspired by the Northern California Monterey Bay.The relentless researching and tireless graphic rendering of the film crew made the facility appear very real, even from an insider’s (and even from Hank’s, the octopus) point-of-view.

8. Over 16,000 fishes were Drawn to make up the Giant oceanarium, Open Ocean Exhibit
This sheer number and the detailed observations and meticulous rendering of characters in this tank is what makes the Open Ocean seem so real that it almost jumps out of the screen from a full tank view.

9. ‘Finding Dory’ is released in time for Pixar’s 30th Year Anniversary
Pixar was carved out from the Computer Graphics Division of Lucas Film, when Steve Jobs bought the unit in 1986. Pixar later teamed up with Disney to release the first-ever full-length, computer animated film, ‘Toy Story’ in 1995.

10. There are Concerns that ‘Finding Dory’ may Hurt the Natural Population of the Blue tang Fish
Since it happened to clownfish when ‘Finding Nemo’ was released, conservationists are expecting the same will happen with ‘Finding Dory’, and may prove even worse for the blue tang fish population. This species, unlike clownfish, cannot be bred and grown in captivity, which means all demand will have to be taken from its natural habitat.


It may have been tough to make the sequel of ‘Finding Nemo’, 2003 Academy Awards Best Animated Feature Film. Yet, on its first weekend of screen showing, ‘Finding Dory’ is proving to be worth the wait, with revenues estimated to be at over US$130 million.

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