What Does Your Fingernail Shape Say About Your Personality?


Most of us were raised with that grain of thought that how we groom ourselves becomes a reflection of who we are, what we are, how we think, and how we work. You’ve probably lived long enough to attest that it’s true. When you meet somebody, the first thing that you notice is the person’s neatness or how well or badly he or she has been put together. It’s not judging the person but, you always make your first impression. Other people you meet form their own impressions about you too, and silly as it may sound, many times, it’s your fingernails they use as a basis to form their first impressions about you.

Every day, we do so many things with our hands that it’s impossible to notice how your fingernails are either facilitating or hindering you from doing the things you need to do and want to do. Your fingernails can speak tons about your personality and your preferences. While there are many fingernail shapes, we list 10 of them below and make a rundown on what your fingernails tell others about who you are.

Nails Shapes

10 nail shapes and what they say about you

1. Round: It’s the go-to shape for most working women. Needless to say, round nails are the most maintenance free nail you can have that allows you to move and move around without breaking it. Style-wise, this nail shape is perfect for women who have long fingers and nails because it tends to visually shorten your long tips.

2. Oval: Probably the next most practically shaped nail next to round nails, women who have oval nails have a combination of flair and practical personality. If you have this shape of nails, you’re practical but you still like to keep things classic.

3. Almond: People smell a mix of practical and uniqueness about you. You want things to stay functional but, you’re always on the look out and will always be inclined to incorporate some innovation in what you do. You like having things your way. You are chic and sophisticated but you like to keep things real.

4. Square: Perfecly shaped for women with very little space on fingernails to work on, a square shaped nail extends your canvas a little bit further. This nail type is perfect for women who have short fingers and very tight nail beds. It gives them more space to play around with nail lacquers and nail art. If you like having your nails square, you’re the type of personality who can manage subtle changes left and right but, if you had a choice, you’ll always stick to what is familiar and convenient to you.

Square Nail Shape

5. Triangle: If you have this nail bed shape, you’re one-of-a-kind, and probably the most creative and innovative person people around you know. If you’re a busy bod, triangular nails are best kept short but, if you can afford some time for nail maintenance, grow it to a stiletto.

6. Inverted Triangle: Those with this nail type are said to have the tendency to be tough on others but can be overly sensitive when criticized or questioned. If you have time to spare for a little of nail coloring, this shape is perfect for growing into a square but, if not, it’s best to keep it short.

7. Squoval: If you have this type of nail and like keeping it this way, you are the epitome of irony. You have an exciting personality that finds no difficulty shifting from classic thinking to a more innovative, destructive one. Likewise, because you are easily adaptable, people like being around you and feel instantly comfortable towards you.

8. Sword: People who have this personality are famous for their hard-work. If you have a sword nail, you are ambitious and ever ready to go beyond and outside of your comfort zone to experiment with new things but, even then, when you do something, you always see it as a stepping stone to get where you ultimately want to be. You are the plan ahead type.

9. Ballerina: It’s that cross between a stiletto and a square tip. If you like keeping your nails ballerina shaped, you are the ultra feminine gal! You are very stylish and trendy, and you love to impress. Surprisingly, not just the divas can get this kind of treatment, it’s the nail shape that’s perfect for every woman. The downside—it can be high maintenance.

10. Stiletto: It’s great to look at but, only those who don’t have to type up stuff, and are therefore not office workers, can pull off a stiletto tip because this style severely limits the things you can do.

Fingernail Care Info

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Not every nail fits everyone perfectly. Some people are better off keeping it short, simple, and maintenance-free. On the other hand, there are also women who have the leisure and luxury of time to have a professional nail technician maintain their nails. With nail shape and style, your personal comfort and convenience should always come before what’s trendy and stylish and new.


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