Celebrity Fitness Tips Women to Get a Killer Body


Contrary to popular belief that female celebrities just go under the knife to look good, they actually do work hard to get the sexy bodies they have. Usually, female celebrities seek the expertise of celebrity trainers to help them get in shape especially those who have given birth like Halle Berry, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jessica Alba.

These women know that their appearance is their bread and butter in the movie industry and they should always appear at their best when in public. Now, if you want to get a toned and sexy body like the Hollywood celebrities you see, you may want to seek some celebrity fitness tips women that you can follow.

Jennifer AnistonEva Mendes

In the Internet, you can find articles about female celebrities talking about how they lose weight and maintain their bodies. These celebrity fitness tips women will be a big help to your fitness regime. You might also want to research about these celebrities’ trainer to get more detailed information about the workout they are doing. classes.

But first of all, you should know that not all workout regimes can suit you. You need to find a good combination of different work outs to get the body you want.This is the secret of how female Hollywood celebrities get their sexy bodies.

Rihanna FitnessHatha Yoga

Jennifer Aniston is at her 40’s but doesn’t look her age. Her secret is doing Hatha Yoga four times a week and eating a balanced diet. Her celebrity fitness tips women are to combine jogging and Yoga as this strengthens both the body and the mind. She also advices people to do the exercise in the morning as this makes the body more energetic during the day.

Eva Mendes is another very sexy Hollywood Celebrity. Her exotic look and vivacious body makes her one of the sexiest women in the world. Her secret to her sexy physique is exercising five times a week with 45 minutes per session. She is a strict follower of Harley Pasternak’s diet and fitness program that focuses on cardio, upper and lower body strength and the abs.

Rihanna FitnessWarrior Yoga

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