How to Fix Broken Blush or Powder?


Have you ever had to drop and break a newly purchased powder-based makeup on the sink or on the floor? Chances are, if you are a makeup junkie, you probably have experienced this more than once. And, your heart broke, didn’t it? Remember how much you wanted to let that teardrop fall and let out a screeching moan while saying, ‘Oh no, there goes my $100 blush…’

After reading this, you are going to wish you have always known this uber simple beauty hack so you could have saved your $100 and recovered that blush you loved so much. Yet, you will also be so relieved you know this trick now because, if you still regularly wear makeup, chances are it will happen you again some time not so far away in the future.

Here, we share with you two simple hacks to get your blush which has been broken into a million pieces back together again in one piece and, you can forget it ever happened!

Broken powder makeup Hack # 1

This first trick involves getting your blush back together without having to add anything in it.

The things you will need:

  • A plastic food wrap or a sandwich bag
  • Cotton buds
  • A spatula
  • Your broken powdered makeup in its original casing
  • If the original casing is broken, you will need another jar to fit in your makeup

The first thing you need to do is to wrap up the jar containing the broken makeup in a plastic food wrap or, simply slip it into a sandwich bag. Seal just enough not to spill the contents but leaving enough air for you to manipulate the contents without boring a hole into the plastic. Next, take your cotton buds and, from the outer side of the plastic bag, mash the contents carefully to powderize your broken makeup well.

Once all the lumps are gone, take out the jar from the plastic bag. Using your spatula, pack the powder tightly by pressing against the container. Still using the spatula, even out your makeup.

Voila! Your powdered makeup may not be as well textured as when you bought from the store but, it’s all in one piece – completely ready to be used and absolutely qualified to be carried around with you without the mess!

Broken powder makeup Hack #2

This second hack involves alcohol. You need not worry that it might change the contents because it will evaporate quickly and will not alter your product’s formulation.

The things you will need:

  • A plastic food wrap or a sandwich bag
  • Cotton buds
  • Spatula
  • Dropper
  • 70% Isopropyl Alcohol
  • Broken makeup in its original casing
  • If the original casing is broken, you will need another jar to fit in your makeup
Broken powder makeup Hack

Wrap your broken makeup in the plastic. Using the cotton buds, mash and powderize the broken makeup until no lumps can be seen. Add in the alcohol using the dropper. Remember, you only need a few drops just to get the mixture together. Once the powder forms one big lump again, quickly pack into the jar. Using your spatula, press the product against the jar and even out the edges so that the product looks like it was never dropped. Leave it open to dry and let the alcohol evaporate.

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Ready for more Hacks?

You makeup junkies never stop at simply getting it together and leaving it at that, do you? You always crave for more. So, if you’re ready for some chemistry, let out the makeup scientist in you and create completely new beauty products from your best makeup buys – broken or leftovers – and, you will surely find them useful once again!

Below are three ways by which you can recreate and reimagine your powder based makeup!

1. Lip stain. Anything from your broken powder blush to bronzers to eye shadows can be transformed into lipstains which, for sure, only you will own that shade and stain! Exciting!

All you need is good ole’ petroleum jelly, your pulvorized powder makeup, a small jar and a spatula to mix it all up. Depending on the amount of powder makeup you have, mix just the right amount of petroleum jelly. Seal it in a jar and you have a new lip stain to carry around with you.

If you’re avoiding petroleum in your skincare products, and for good reasons, pick up a cosmetic grade essential oil of your choice or, melted shea butter.

2. Matte lipstick. Take your old concealer and mix it up with your powder makeup. Pack it in a jar or lipstick tube. Instant matte just for you!

3. Skin illuminator. For your shimmery broken powder makeup, make a skin illuminator out of them for those nights when you just simply need to put on some glitter and a need the spotlight to shine on you.


Blush Or Powder

Never have to say goodbye to never-been-used or slightly used jars of blush, compact, eye shadow, or bronzer ever again just because they’re broken! Use these hacks to recover your makeup and, maybe, just find the imagination to recreate them.


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