Flash Season 2 Inspired Halloween Costumes to Make Dreams Come True


These days, Halloweens are best spent figuring out how to make fantasies come to life. Naturally, in this decade of superhero fame, it’s all about making superheroes and Earth 2 real and tangible — and, who best to lead that than your favorite DC and Marvel characters. One of the television and Internet’s most popular series, “The Flash”, wouldn’t be left behind for sure.

Here are 8 ways you can become a character of “The Flash” or, if you’re doing this for your children, these are just 8 of the ways you can make their dreams of becoming superheroes (or, super villains) come true.

1. The Flash. Start by finding yourself or your kiddo a deep red or maroon shade of jeans or denims. Follow up that with a leather jacket or non-cotton jacket in the same shade. To make the mask of The Flash, get a spandex swim cap of the same shade. Extend to a mask using makeup or face paint. If you can’t find a spandex swim cap, you can always visit a textile store. For a cheaper alternative, ask for satin. Then cut and sew into The Flash headgear. Don’t forget the lighting sign on the chest and ears.

2. Reverse Flash

Reverse Flash

Follow the same steps as in Item 1 for The Flash, except this time, your dominant color is mustard yellow — kinda more difficult to find than those for The Flash but, when there is a will, there must be a way.

3. Zoom. This trickier is the least tricky of all, as compared to the first two characters above. You can simply put on black jeans and a black biker’s jacket. The mask is trickier, however, but if you’re not too meticulous, you can settle for a skull cap. If you insist to be as close to the CW costume as possible, try spandex or a black cartolina.

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4. Jesse Quick

Jesse Quick

Want to look like The Flash but still want to be recognized as a girl, try this character. All you’ll need are leather pants and leather jacket in maroon, a pair of booties, and a makeup to draw your mask with.

5. Killer Frost. If being the bad girl is your attitude, simply put on a black leather jacket, black leather pants, booties, a blonde wig, and blue contact lenses.

6. Black Canary

Black Canary

To be the good girl, simply follow Item 5. Only this time, wear black gloves and draw a mask with your makeup.

7. Firestorm. This is simple. Be in black denims and a black windbreaker. The trick is in making those circles on this character’s jacket. Use toys, buttons and duct tape to pull off this accessory.

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Halloween is the perfect time to set up a good scare for your family friends — but, that could be too old school for the younger ones in your network, and if you are young yourself, Halloween scare may even be too 80’s Michael Jackson “Thriller” for you!


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