Flower Infused Lipsticks – Pretty on Pout & in the Tube


China based manufacturer, Kailijumei, recently started distributing their very feminine and very dainty flower-infused lipsticks in the US. Sorry ladies, these to-die-for lip candies have sold out on debut, and are no longer available through the Kailijumei site but, you can always pre-order, one stick for $30 or, try Sephora, Amazon, eBay and other reseller sites.

What’s with the Flowers?

Obsess over the flowers. Love’em so much more!

This lip line comes in four varieties, in four possible flower, one of each set inside a transparent, gold-infused wax. Kailijumei says that the lip color changes depending on your body temperature – ain’t that interesting! Wouldn’t you love to have your lip color changed depending on your mood, that is, cool, or normal? And, you didn’t have to get an entire lip line to make that change happen!

Flower Infused Lipsticks Variety

Barbie Doll Powder, MinuteMaid and Flame Red are made with the lip moisturizing properties of candelilla resin, cocoa butter and beeswax. Barbie Doll Powder gives your lips a blush pink, lightly pigmented finish. It isn’t hard to tell that this shade can easily double up as a quick blush whenever and wherever you need one on-the-go. No further details are provided for Minute Maid and Flame Red, and tint photos are neither available. So, when you decide to order any of these two shades, make sure you know you’re taking a risk at what color you’ll get.

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The fourth variety is missed, and perhaps there is a possibility that the fourth variety will not be available anytime soon. The manufacturer is making the three varieties available for pre-order with a commitment to re-stock this week and deliver by next week at the latest. If you can’t wait to get your hands on these new makeup sweethearts, try your local eBay.

Flower Lip Balm

Each product in the line is also formulated with plant extracts, including grape seed oil and lavender oil. What causes some concern is the infusion of citric acid in the product. Citric acid can cause lip sores or swelling. It’s actually that substance in fruits that often leave your lips and mouth with a tingly or burning sensation that ends up drying your lips. We can only hope the quantities are so small that your lips wouldn’t mind brushing up with it.

Use this flower-infused tube more regularly when you get the Flower Lip Balm. The lip balm comes with three varieties of flowers, one placed at the center of each tube. Your flower choices – pale pink, knockout pink/light red, and a bright red. The last variety will remind you of your Kenzo perfume bottle if you know what we’re talking about. The product website does not say anything about the formulation or, if the formulation is the same across the three varieties even.

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Step aside, Kylie! These gorgeous Kailijumei lipsticks will surely give you a good run for your money!

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