Foolproof Methods to Give Any Lipstick a Matte Finish


By now, you’ve probably tried every lipstick formulation you could get your hands on, and have probably come across the unmatched boldness and richness of matte lipstick. However, matte lipstick can feel dry and, it does actually suck up moisture from your lips.

So, you ask, is there a lipstick formulated to feel as hydrating as a silk lipstick but has the boldness and unparalleled staying power of matte? That wish is so far out from reality but, read on to find out how you can make your favorite moisture rich lipstick leave a matte finish on your lips.

Foolproof method # 1: Always use a base makeup foundation. Dab some base makeup on your lips before putting on any lip product to keep your lip color from dissolving. You know, when it dissolves, you’re not giving your lips a matte finish.

Foolproof method # 2: Outline your lips to your desired shape using a white lip liner. A matte lipstick hardly goes beyond your lip liner, and never ever leaves smudges around your lip area. To keep your silky and sultry lipstick within bounds, draw a lip outline using a white lip liner. Another benefit of outlining your lips in white is that this technique actually makes your lips look fuller.

Foolproof method # 3: Draw a colored outline. Using the white outline as your guide, draw an outline of your desired shape for your lips with your lip liner. Make sure to draw closely on the inner side of the white lip liner. Review to make sure there are no crooked lines.

Desired Lip Color

Foolproof method # 4: Fill in your lips with your desired lip color. For ultimate hydration, put on a silky or sultry lipstick or, use sticky gloss. Whichever lip color you choose, you will ultimately end up with the same matte finish by following the succeeding methods below. So, read on!

Foolproof method # 5: Pat a translucent powder on your lip color. If you have translucent powder, dab some of it on your lips using your bare hands. For more control and better blending, use a brush. If you don’t have translucent powder, you may use baby powder and it will work just as well.

Foolproof method # 6: Apply a second coating to make up for color. Once you put on translucent powder, your lip color fades and tones down to a lighter shade. Make up for lost color by applying another coat.

Foolproof method # 7: For even fuller lips, make it three coats! Simply repeat methods 5 and 6 alternatively again to add some volume to otherwise flat and thin lips. The powder actually gets trapped in layers of lip color which is good as it adds some thickness to your lips. End the series with a light pat of powder.

Foolproof method # 7: You can always use other powder makeup to see a matte finish on your lips. This technique works best if a pink matte finish is desired. Simply put on your lipstick following all of the preceding steps then, using your pinkish or peachy blush in place of translucent powder or baby powder, pat on a thin layer of blush powder on your lips using a broad brush.

Golden Matte Finish

Foolproof method # 8: Get a golden matte finish. Turn any lip color into a metallic shade and a strong matte finish by applying a bronzer or powdered highlighter. Go through the same processes in putting on your lipstick above. After you have filled in your lips with lip color, dab on a bronzer or highlighter. If lip volume and a more pouty look is desired, layer your lip color and bronzer alternatively up to three times for fuller looking lips.

Foolproof method # 9: Go for a gorgeous, dark and rich matte finish. First, pick up a lipstick in silky or sultry formulation that matches one of your dark eyeliners. Dark plum and dark blue will make great choices. First, line your lips carefully using the techniques outlined above. Then, use your eyeliner just as you would a lip liner. Next, fill in the space with your lipstick. After which, take your eyeliner and color on top of your lipstick. The result is a darker shade of your selected color in a matte finish. You may use translucent powder to stabilise your lip color more and to enhance the matte finish.

Foolproof method # 10: Use your white lip color as a base for lipstick. Outline your lips as above. Then, fill in your lips with the white lip color. Layer with a lip color of your choice. Then, top again with your white lip color. Layer as much as desired but end with your tinted lip color on top. Dab and blend with translucent powder for a stronger, bolder matte finish.


Makeup can be worn so many ways, such that a matte lipstick is not the only way to get a a matte finish nor does wearing a silky lipstick mean that you can’t transform it to obtain a matte look. Your imagination knows no limits. Make the most out of your makeup by channeling your creativity.


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