6 Game of Thrones Braids You Can Easily Wear


Ah, Game of Thrones! This HBO hit has pulled in lots of avid viewers across the globe. It’s so popular that it has outranked the former most-watched program on the network, the Sopranos. Many people are hooked with its interwoven, nerve-wracking storylines. Others just fall in love with the fascinating characters and blood-spattered battles that keep you glued to your seat.

And there’s the love for epic braid hairstyles. Yes, even women who were not into sword fights and wars fall for this series. And hard! So beauty buffs, you’re probably reading this now because of one good reason – want to know how you can wear the exact unstinted braid hairstyles of your fave Game of Thrones characters? Perfect.Here are the 6 easy-to-do Game of Thrones Braid hairstyles that you can add to your styling routine.

Daenery’s Simple Two-Strand Braid

Daenerys Simple Two-Strand Braid

It’s a half updo that gathers two-strand braid from the side, which looks fierce and feminine when paired with loose waves.

Take a large section of hair from the top of each side of the head, and then Dutch braid it back. Leave loose strands of hair at each ear sides. A Dutch braid is basically the same as the French braid. The only difference is that each section of hair is braided under rather than over.

The Elegant French Rope Braid

The Elegant French Rope Braid

Another refined and romantic look sported by the “Mother of Dragons’ is the elegant French rope braid that looks gorgeous on a Bohemian-themed outfit. Rock this braid hairstyle with 4 easy steps.

First, Gather two strands of hair next to your face and cross them from the roots towards the tip of your hair. Then, twist the each strand in the opposite direction. To get the rope braid to stay in place, add some extra hair to the bottom strand and loop it back up. Do these steps repeatedly. Once your rope braid is at the side of your ear, loop the two strands together then secure the end with an elasic. Do the same at the other side of your face.

Sansa Stark’s Messy Dual French BraidTwist

Sansa Starks Messy Dual French BraidTwist

It’s not polished, but definitely looks elegant and dainty. This easy breezy hairstyle only takes dividing your hair in the middle and creating two French braids on both sides with a tiny section of hair (about 1.5 inches) near the hairline.

Pulled-backLoose Braid

Pulled-backLoose Braid

Here’s another hairstyle flaunted by the dazzling young women, Sansa and Myranda. It’s a half-up hairstyle that features two strands of twisted, over-the-ears braid, which looks poignant and innocent.

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Cersei’s Twists and Turns Braid

The crown somehow mimics the well-detailed draping of an elegant gown while keeping the rest of hair loose and curly (mermaid curls).

CerseisTwists and Turns Braid

You don’t have to be a braid ninja to pull off some do-it-yourself braid hairstyles inspired by your favorite Game of Thrones character. It is no rocket science but practice makes perfect, of course.

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