These Game of Thrones Makeup Brushes Will Make You Amaze (2017 Edition)


“I don’t plan on knitting by the fire while men fight for me” — Lyanna Mormont

That was just one of the most memorable lines from Season 7 of The Game of Thrones that had the entire GoT fandom glued to the screen as we all held back our breaths. As we look forward to this week’s Episode 5, “East Watch,” we could all relax for now. There are a few days left before HBO releases the next episode so, we’d as well check out the sidelines — and, have we got news for the Ladies!

From The Westeros To Your Dresser

The 7 Kingdoms will have their day of war and conflict again, alright. While the houses fall one by one, their sigils will always have a place on your dresser. If you love watching Game of Thrones Fashion then, this you must see and this you must not miss.

The Catch 96, a cosmetics brand, has recently launched the 2017 edition of the Game of Thrones Makeup Brushes. Each set is made up of 8 brushes, each one representing the 7 houses plus an eighth one that pays tribute to The Hand of the King. Each piece comes with a sigil and the lines each house has become famous for.

The brush set is comprised of the following, with the corresponding house in Westeros each one represents:

1. Shadow Brushes

game of thrones shadow makeup brushes
  • Tully of Riverrun: “Family, Duty, Honor.”
  • Stark of Winterfell: “Winter is Coming.”
  • Martell of Sunspear: “Unbored, Unbent, Unbroken.”
  • Lannister of Casterly Rock: “Hear Me Roar.”
  • Baratheon of Storm’s End: “Ours Is The Fury.”

2.Fluffy Powder Brush

Targaryen of King’s Landing: “Fire And Blood.”

game of thrones fluffy powder brush makeup brushes

3. Liner Brush

Greyjoy of Pike: “We Do Not Sow.”

game of thrones liner brush makeup brushes

4.Brow and Lash Comb

The Hand of the King

game of thrones brow and lash comb makeup brushes

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Blush And Conquer

Cersei Lannister

So, the next time you want to try new makeup ideas that will give you the scheming look of Cersei Lannister or, wear the meaningful stare of Missandei, don’t just Google up a YouTube tutorial, reach out for your Game of thrones Makeup brushes too.

This darling set is now on sale for the US $40 per set, dropping from its original price of US $80 on launch date.

Daenerys Targaryen

To get Daenerys Targaryen’s look, have these makeup brushes close and follow these makeup tips:

    1.Don’t try to achieve a flawless complexion.

    2.Roughly brighten your eye area and frame those eyebrows.

    3.Do your eye shadow in nude and line your upper eyelid with a black liner.

    4.Line and fill your lips with a nude pink or plum shade.

    5.Don’t forget to dye your hair blonde.

    6.Learn the Game of Thrones braids

Then, hold up the brush that bears the sigil of the House of Targaryen and says this with conviction: “I was born to rule The Seven Kingdoms — and, I will!” You will be so convincing, that even Drogo and Jon Snow will be fooled!

Now, you’re all set for the next episode. Hang tight!

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