Easy DIY Beer-Infused Mask You Should Try Out For Getting Glossy Hair


Tired of your usual hair conditioner? If you’ve noticed, the more you use your commercial, chemically formulated hair products, the more that your hair tends to have a mind of its own. The strands are drier, limper, thinner and more unmanageable. Funny thing is that, usually, your hair is so much healthier and bouncier straight out of bed. The second you step outdoors, it’s a whole new story.

If you’ve been searching for a solution to your hair problems but to no avail, look no further than your kitchen and your fridge. You’ll never believe the treasure it holds for your locks. Are you ready to be blown away by a big time, unexpected surprise? Then, check out the ingredients for a quick DIY hair conditioning listed below.

The only Ingredients you Will need

1. 1/2 Cup of a 500 ml Bottle of Beer: The amount depends on the length and thickness of your hair. The malt and hops, which beers are primarily made of, give you shinier, stronger, and more damage-resistant hair strands. Even the Vitamin B and sugar content of alcohol in beer make your hair shine. Use it with shampoo or, as a leave-on or as a rinse.

2. 1 Raw Egg

Raw Egg

Another rich source of protein, including an egg in your haircare routine can help prevent and restore hair health.

3. 1 Tablespoon of Safflower Oil:

Safflower Oil

This is your perfect haircare companion if falling hair is your problem. Its high oleic acid content helps prevent baldness and hair loss. It also contains fatty acids that help keep hair moisturized.

4. Condiments Squeeze Bottle, Large:

Squeeze Bottle

For easy mixing and application.

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All you got to do:

Step 1: Pour all 3 ingredients in the bottle.

Step 2: Shake and make sure all the ingredients are well-incorporated.

Step 3: Apply into newly cleansed, still damp, hair. Prioritize the roots and give it a little massage.

Step 4: Keep on for 10 minutes.

Step 5: Rinse thoroughly with cold water.

Any Disadvantages?

You bet you’ll smell the stench while waiting for your hair to absorb the moisture though the mixture isn’t going to be as sticky as you may imagine to be. But, sure could be nasty, most especially if i’s your first time to use and apply this mixture on.

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Any Better Alternatives?

You can boil the beer to try reduce it. An added benefit of doing so is that you lose the alcohol in the process which can also dry out hair when overused. Put it in a spray can and use it to energize second day, no wash hair.


Whether you are a beer drinker or not, now you know your beer has better uses for scalp and your hair strands. Health-wise and beauty-wise beer has a better place on your head, not in it, and certainly not in your tummy.

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