Get Ready to Celebrate Black Friday Party!


Black Friday is celebrated in the United States the day after Thanksgiving. It is neither an official holiday, nor does it fall on the same day each year since Thanksgiving is the fourth Thursday of November, and falls on different dates on the calendar. It has, however, become a part of the culture of the United States and is definitely important to retailers who depend on a huge spike in sales on this day.

History of Black Friday

Black Friday has been around since the 1960s when the term was given to jump start the Christmas shopping tradition. One reason for the name is due to budgeting or financing terms – in the red means that you have a loss and in the black denotes a gain.

What happened to make Black Friday a tradition was the fact that retailers could offer huge discounts on their goods, enticing customers to shop. The other factor was that by drawing large crowds, shoppers would buy more items at once, especially after waiting in line for hours, if not days in some cases. Retailers know that this is the most important and most lucrative day of the year for their business so consumers can typically get such great deals that it’s worth the wait.

Ready to Celebrate

How is Black Friday Celebrated?

Black Friday isn’t celebrated as a traditional holiday yet many people plan their weekend around it just as they would any other holiday. Many stores are open as early as Thanksgiving Day to offer their Black Friday sales early while others choose to open very early in the morning in order to start the day of sales. In some cases, customers will line up for blocks and days in advance. The customers feel that the sales are so affordable and discounted that they do not want to lose out on a good deal so camping out in front of a store is not unheard of and is actually the norm in most cases.

The Main Attractions of Black Friday

The obvious main attraction of Black Friday is the sales and discounts. For instance, a television that might cost $1000 as its regular price may be found for as low as half of that. The sales are usually so outrageously cheap that some people look forward to the sales all throughout the year. Others may offer other incentives such as getting a free gift card with a purchase or getting a free gift. You may see Bluray movies as low as $1.99 or 800 thread count sheets for $20 – nothing is unheard of during these sales.

People’s Role in Black Friday

There are many people who make Black Friday a success. From the store owners who decide their hours and the companies who decide the sale prices to the workers who have to be in early or stay late and the consumers who show up for the event. Everyone who participates in some way is an integral part of the day. While many employees may not want to get up at 3 AM to be at a store that is open at 5 AM, many get overtime hours or special perks for working that day. As far as the consumer, they get deals they wouldn’t be able to find any other time of the year and can plan their holiday shopping with not having to spend as much money.

Role in Black Friday

Plan a Black Friday Party

A fun thing that you can do on Black Friday is to have a Black Friday party. This can include a few of your friends and what you can do is make a fun day of it. Hit up your favorite stores by camping out the night before, then shopping the rest of the day. You can bring food and your favorite beverages, entertainment such as your tablet, game player, or Kindle or just enjoy each other’s company while waiting for the store to open. Then after shopping you can stop somewhere for lunch and shop some more if you’re not too tired from being up. Some people bring sleeping arrangements for when they are camped out so you may just be able to catch a little sleep while waiting but if not, think of it as a shopping slumber party.

Getting Ready for a Black Friday Party

A few things you’ll want to do for your Black Friday party is to plan out which stores are most important to you. Since you can literally only camp out at one, pick the one that is most important to you and your friends then you can plan the rest of the day’s stores to visit afterward. You’ll also want to plan what time to meet so that you get a good spot in line and what to bring so that you’re not bored while waiting for hours and hours. You’ll also want to plan where to eat and how long to stay out unless you just want to shop till you drop.

Things to Do With Your Friends On Black Friday

Obviously you can plan a Black Friday party with your friends and camp out but if that’s not your type of thing you can instead get together the night before and plan your shopping excursion. Look through the ads and circle the things you want to get and plan the entire day of shopping. You can even plan a gift wrap party afterward when you have all of your shopping done. The important thing is to make an entire day of fun with your friends.

Over the year, Black Friday shopping has become controversial in some cases since there have been deaths due to people storming the store after it opens. Fortunately, many stores have implemented a number system instead of allowing people to rush in on a first come first served basis. This makes it safer for everyone involved. Others have complained that it is commercialism at its ugliest but the shoppers who participate would most likely beg to differ. Some find it fun to research sales through the weeks leading up to Black Friday and others enjoy the chase, the ability to get there first and get something not many others will be able to get at that low of a price. No matter how you look at it, Black Friday seems here to stay. Even online stores have Black Friday prices, making it convenient to shop from home.


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