Get Rid Of Hair Problems with Special Care


Hairs give a beautiful polishing to your look. Different hairstyle gives different look and therefore for practicing good styles for your hairs they need to be healthy and problem free. Hairs are associated with different problems if not properly taken care. Dropping of hairs, dandruff, graying hairs and splits are some of the prominent hair problems. Depending on the hair type these problems become more striking.

Here we discuss some of the major hair problems and effective solutions to solve it.

Dandruff is major part of problem that most of us have to face in their lifetime. The formation of small white flakes on scalp and hairs give rise to dandruff. In medical terminus it is known as pityriasis found in all ages of person starting from 12. The ultimate reason behind dandruff formation is breaking down of outer cells.

Some of the prominent causes are poor blood circulation, improper hygiene maintenance, using strong shampoos for hairs, not enough rinsing of hairs after shampooing, and unhealthy diet habits.

Dandruff is also of two types depending on scalp type: Dry and greasy or waxy type.

Dry dandruff

Dry dandruff can be caused due to various reasons like Emotional disturbance, Lack of nerve stimulation, Glandular disturbance, insufficient production of oil, and poor blood circulation.

This can be well treated by adopting natural means by using herbal shampoo, hot oil therapy, henna treatment, and scalp treatment and by using antiseptic lotions.

Waxy type of dandruff

It has been found that when waxy type of dandruff combines with sebum it makes scalp itchy and cause bleeding or oozing if scales are torn off. The most remedial way to treat such dandruff is to massage scalp with oil regularly and always keep the scalp clean. The natural way to treat such dandruff problem is to go for herbal treatment.

Treating with herbs

Using essential oils of natural herbs like lemon, rosemary, cedar, and eucalyptus provides good massaging oils for the itching scalp. Fenugreek seeds also fights against dandruff. Therefore apply a grinding together fenugreek seeds (overnight soaked) with neem leaves juice on your scalp.

Warm a little camphor in nearly half a cup of olive oil and massage gently on your scalp keeping your hairs parting straight. Keep away from fatty and oily foods.

Graying of hairs

Hair color is due to the pigment granules that are present in the hair cortex. As age progress there occurs gradual dilution of pigment in hair that causes normal color to graying of hairs.

Hairs may become gray due to any internal disease like thyroid disease or intense emotional stress and mental disturbances. Even cosmetic treatment like Perming, colouring and bleaching can also cause graying of hairs.


The only optional way to treat gray hair is to dye your hairs properly. The most commonly used dyes are oxidative dyes that also have some drawbacks. It has been seen that as you start dying your hairs they frequently increase in number and you have to continue doing it for more of them. One of the natural treatments for gray hairs is by using henna. Henna is helpful in coloring the hairs as well as it acts as good conditioner. Using calcium pantothenate is also helpful in dealing with gray hairs.

Split ends

Split ends are commonly formed by using heated appliances and chemical processing, wrong use of brushes, combs etc.


Our hairs usually develops upto 1.25 cm per month, if a trim of 6.3 is done say every5-6 weeks will help to get rid of split hairs. Avoiding wide toothed and non-metal brushes or comb that bear padded base should be preferred. These types usually avoid trapping of hairs and keep away from giving hot temperature like while using dryer.


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