Get Whiter Skin in 7 Days with Whitening Lotion: Is It Really Possible?


Skin Whitening Products Many people want to have lighter or fairer skin tone. This is especially true with Asians and other people with dark complexions. It is generally because of a belief that lighter means more attractive. There are many kinds of treatments and products that make the skin lighter. Whitening lotions are the most common product available for making the skin tone lighter because of its affordability.

However, the problem is the effectiveness (or lack of effectiveness) of most products in the market. Only some whitening lotions are really effective in doing what they claim. Some products claim to make skin considerably lighter after seven days of proper use.

Is this really true? This is the big question. To answer this question and to determine if a product is really effective, it is important to learn the most effective ingredients for making the skin tone lighter.

Best Food For Skin Whitening

Three Most Effective Ingredients for Skin Whitening Products

Hydroquinone is one of the most effective compounds for skin whitening. However, it is essential to check the concentration of this skin lightening agent. Most of the products available have only very low concentration of about less than 1%. The problem with this compound is the commonness of skin irritation.

Also, overuse of products with this compound can cause darkening of the skin or a condition called “ochronosis”. In fact, the Food & Dry Association of the United States has plans on banning this compound.

Kojic acid is one of the newest compounds that are proven to make the skin lighter in appearance. It works by blocking melanin production. Melanin is the pigment found in the skin that is responsible for dark complexions. Concentration needs to be two percent and above in order to be significantly effective in stopping melanin production.

Retinoic acid is another compound that is effective in skin whitening. It is a Vitamin A derivative that works by removing the upper layers of the skin. This also removes dark pigmented skin cells. It needs to be combined with other compounds like steroid creams and hydroquinone in order to be very effective. When used alone, retinoic acid usually causes irritation to most people. This is why it should always be combined with other skin lightening compounds.


Going back to the question, is it really possible to have whiter skin in seven days with the use of a good whitening lotion? The answer is yes. But the result is not that significant. The skin will just be lighter a little bit. For best results, most whitening lotions need to be used properly for at least four weeks.


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