Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik Breakup – Is It For Real?


Another young celebrity couple has apparently decided to part ways.

According to E! News, singer Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid have decided to break up after dating for only about seven months. At the moment, there is still no clear explanation behind the separation. However, some sources say there have been rough patches between the two for quite some time. Perhaps it is because of their busy schedules or due to the public’s attention on every move of the Hollywood couple.

An insider told E! News that the two were fighting even during Hadid’s birthday. In fact, the same insider said the two have actually broken up and gotten back together a few times in the past months. So, the breakup is not really big news and there is still a possibility of reconciliation. There are other sources that confirmed the celebrity breakup but according to them, this is still not the end of the fairy tale romance of the two.

Zayn Malik Dump Gigi Hadid

There is still very little information and it is unclear if the two are currently communicating. One source says Hadid is very sad and hopes the two could work it out. She misses the constant contact with Malik and the two became very close in the last few months of the relationship.

Breakup Not Real! –

Even though the headlines these past few days were filled with reports of the breakup of Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik, Hadid has given multiple hints that they are still together. According to, the two created the breakup story themselves to take some unwanted attention away from their relationship. They wanted the romance to swim under the radar (if that is even possible).

Malik is known to dislike the fact that his private life is in the news most of the time. He wants people to recognize him for his music and Hadid wants to establish her name as a model. Thus, the two apparently made up the breakup to sort of get some heat off their relationship.

Breakup Not Real

Hadid has given subtle indications that everything is fine and the two are still together. In one specific interview on June 3, she mentioned her “boyfriend” casually just a few hours after their breakup was reported. She even sang along to Malik’s “Pillowtalk” on Snapchat. She was also seen wearing her “Zayn” necklace while out on errands. Malik, on the other hand, has been keeping a low profile since reports of the breakup.

Previous reports indicate that some cooling off is happening between the two celebrities but there is still no breakup happening in the near future. For now, fans of the young Hollywood couple can only hope that their relationship is getting stronger. Their breakup would be a sad addition to the continuous celebrity breakup this year.

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