Gigi Hadid Knocking Everyone Out With Her Looks in a Reebok Campaign


Gigi currently stars in Reebok’s Perfect Never Gets Better Campaign, #PerfectNever. Her new endorsement is almost as good as a slap on the face of her bashers who had everything bad to say about Gigi’s body. The missiles came exploding from a two-piece bikini she wore on a Tommy Hilfiger runway for Summer 2016, with her on the lead. To which, she simply responded about how much she is happy with her body.

The Athlete in Her

Gigi has made a name as a supermodel. Having been involved with many designer labels and posing for countless covers and brands, you’d think that Reebok is just another one of Gigi’s gigs. Well, not quite.

The Athlete in her

While many people know that Gigi began her modelling career with Guess Kids when she was just a toddler, not very many are aware that, as a young girl, Gigi was a Junior Olympic qualifier for volleyball. That was also around the time when she joined competitions for horseback riding. Sister, Bella, also trained for the 2016 Olympics but was forced to give up her sporting ambitions due to Lyme disease.

“Working out isn’t only physical for me. It’s mental. It helps me escape the noise in my head. It’s the only time my mind goes quiet,” Gigi was quoted saying in a statement.

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Cameras on the Reebok set caught Gigi training for boxing. Gloves in hand, Gigi punched hard towards the camera in a cropped, strappy sports bra paired with black, tight leggings that showed off her flat abs and perfectly toned body. On her way to the shoot, Gigi wore the outfit with a cropped, hooded sweater in tan shade with a pair of white trainers as she let her hair be blown off by the wind.

Gigi Training

On the set, Gigi was captured psyching up on her new role as she pulls up her hair. Seated on a bench, she wore matching leggings and sweaters. Both had touches of neon green on them. The leggings were black, while the sweater was in medium gray with hems lined in black. She paired the sporting outfit with black trainers. All of these, Reebok gear, of course!

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In yet another frame, Gigi was seen wearing a similar outfit, this time with a lime green sweater. Another photo was shot with Gigi wearing layers of meshed sporting tops in black and white. On set, the crew had her change into an all black training gear, still with the bra top. In this frame, the outfit was topped with a black jacket that has been pulled up to the elbows, zippers off. A pair of all white trainers completed the look.


“Perfect os boring. It never changes, never improves and never shows you anything different.” — So goes Reebok’s #PerfectNever campaign. Take Gigi’s stance against her bashers and never have to please anybody but yourself again. Knockout your own styling and fashion sense with a fit body, just the way you love it.

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