Giorgio Armani Eye Tints: Is It Long Lasting?


Giorgio Armani Eye Tints is a liquid eyeshadow formula by Giorgio Armani. These were officially unveiled at the recently concluded Giorgio Armani Women’s’ Wear Spring/Summer 2015 show.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints are available in 18 shades and are sold on the Giorgio Armani Beauty USA Website for $38.00.

Manufacturer Information and its claims about Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints

Giorgio Armani is a popular fashion brand created in the 1980s. The brand, later on, translated its sense of fashion and aesthetic vision into the world of perfumes, skincare, and makeup, thus giving rise to the Giorgio Armani Beauty brand.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints is a liquid eyeshadow that has a long-lasting and tinted formula with the comfort and smoothness of cream for an intense and vibrant look.

Thanks to its innovative formula, Giorgio Armani Eye Tints easily transforms from liquid to solid form, instantly adhering to the eyelid once applied and provides 16 hours of smudge-proof and crease-proof wear.

It has a hold booster, thanks to the combination of a creamy polymer and glycerin, which allows pure color pigments to blend and stay on the lids for hours.

The runway-inspired shades of the Giorgio Armani Eye Tints are infused with a color vibrancy booster making it perfect for both natural and glamorous looks.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints Benefits

Giorgio Armani is a versatile tool. It can double as an eyeshadow or eyeliner. It can also be layered together to achieve an evenly dispersed high-quality color on the eyes.

With 18 runway-inspired shades to choose from, there are a lot of hues to choose from such as dark emeralds and shimmery nudes and neutrals.

These eye tints are long-wearing and are easy to blend outwards to achieve an extented eye look.

Giorgio Armani Eye Tints Drawbacks

Unless you have mastered the art of applying liquid eyeshadows and eyeliners, you might have a hard time using Giorgio Armani Eye Tints.

Some report that the amount of product on the applicator is thinner or less pigmented, leading to a suggestion that the packaging could be improved in the future for better application.

The same with other liquid eyeshadows, applying the product on the skin as a swatch is very different from applying the product on the eyelids. Make sure to test the product on the eyelids before buying the product.

Some report that Giorgio Armani Eye Tints may have a tendency to crease after four hours, so it is best to apply a primer first on the eyelids to avoid this.

Final Verdict

Overall, Giorgio Armani Eye Tints is a good product to have in one’s makeup bag. It is an eye makeup that is versatile, easy to use, and perfect for any occasion.

The shades are pretty unique as well, making it worth its price.


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