Girl Groups Forever

By Rachel Barton

Larger than life divas Beyonce and Victoria were originally from girl groups whic saw the pinnacle of success and tabloid attention. Lets take a look back at all the ex girl bands that created history of sorts.

Beyonce KnowlesVictoria Beckham

Spice Girls

Spice Girls

Every girl of the 90’s remembers Spice girls hit ‘Wannabe’. They also were one of the most popular and best selling groups of their times, with almost a 75 million records sold globally. Halliwell who un-expectedly left the group in 1998, sort of led to its subsequent break-up.

Destiny’s Child

Destiny's Child

Destiny’s Child consisting of Beyonce, Kelly Rowland and Michelle Williams, was more of an R&B group than pop. Throughout their career as a group, the group sold over 60 million records globally. Beyonce who later on pursued more of a successful independent career, with rapper husband Jay Z.

Pussycat Dolls

Pussycat Dolls

This Grammy award nominated group needs no introduction. With dolls walking in and out of this group, this group still exists. It’s a Los Angeles based group, which incorporates dance routines as well. This group with its fair share of controversies, has survived most odds.



Sugababes are a London based pop group, comprising of Heidi Range, Amelle Berrabah and Jade Ewen. Winner of several awards and prestigious nominations, this girl group is a huge hit with the Brit tabloids.

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