Give Blooming Touch to Your Makeup


Make up have lot to do in enhancing beauty of women. Make up covers the unwanted part of skin and gives most beautiful and more attractive look. Beauty is the means to brush up your personality and appearance. Makeup gives a polishing look to your personality making you confidence from within as well as increases ones social status in the society.

The essential part of facial makeup includes eyes and lips make up. While performing eyes and lips makeup some essential things should keep in mind. Eyeliner, foundation, concealer, lip liner, lipsticks and so many makeup tools are there that are used in doing makeup.

Some simple but important can help you to give a good makeup polishing to your face:

  • Before starting with any type of makeup, the first thing you need to do is to clean your skin well.
  • Remove all the dust, debris and excess oil from your skin surface to prevent infection by makeup cosmetics.
  • In doing so you might have understood what type of skin you possess. Know your skin whether it is oily or dry skin or normal.
  • Using warm water to wash your face will allow removing all the dust and debris properly. This will also enlarge your skin pores that will allow easy removal of particles that block skin pores. This will make a clear platform for applying further makeup.
  • Use pink colored blush that will give natural appearance.
  • If your skin is oily use oil free makeup or oil absorbing makeup. Avoid using too old makeup kits that expires its quality.
  • Use a perfect blend for makeup and prefer color shades according to your skin tone.
  • You can use concealer for covering your under eyes dark circles. For this purpose use lighter colors then your foundation.
  • After applying concealer, it is found that little foundation is required. Choose the right blend of shade that suites your skin tone.
  • Thick mascara is believed to be more useful for eye lashes. Use brown mascara for lighter skin.
  • You can use eyebrow pencils to shape and lengthen your eyebrows but prefer powdered shadows for natural look.
  • Use lip brushes to color and shade lips. You can also use lip liner to lift your lips. This depends on the distance or cleft between nose and lips.

Covering and shading

Before you proceed to apply foundation on your facial skin, make sure that you cover unwanted portion of skin like creases, pimples and spots. You can give light shades to that portion of skin. This is the beginning of any makeup after which the makeup proceeds further. Use finger tips by slightly tapping with your finger tips that will help to cover those portions of skin much effectively. Tapping with finger tips allows melting of makeup cosmetics and thus provides good blending shades to match skin tone.

Applying different mascara colors

Those who are having lighter complexion should use brown mascara and those with dark complexion should prefer dark mascara.

Coloring lips

Depending upon ones preference, lips colors can be used. For formal getup, you may prefer light and pleasant colors lipsticks. While for party and casual daily get up also you can prefer dark lipsticks. Lip liners are used usually for better polishing and highlighting lips. Dark color lip liners should not be used for light lipsticks. Always moisture your lips by applying Vaseline or lip gel before applying lipstick. This will provide strong base for lipstick and will remain for longer time. These also give gentle glow to your lips.

However, while performing makeup these things should be considered and kept in mind. Thus, it will help to give perfect makeover of your makeup.


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