Give Your Beauty A Dazzling Look With Simple Tips


Beauty is a gift that has been empowered on women. But not everyone is lucky with natural beauty. To look more attractive and beautiful you need to take add some external efforts to look beautiful. You can enhance your beauty by taking help of other natural components that make skin beautiful.

Natural skin care is more effective and lowers the chances of any type of side-effects. Make up makeover makes skin look gorgeous and attractive. Therefore it is important to know right strep and ways to do perfect makeup. Here are some of the makeup tips that will help you to add better makeup to your facial makeup.

  • While doing your makeup just avoid applying foundation all over your face as it may give very artificial look. Make sure that you apply only on some parts of skin where you have uneven skin tone. Especially, in winters when your skin becomes little ruddy, you can apply on that portion of skin.
  • Prefer moisturizers those are tinted as it has observed that some foundations can cause thick makeover for some type of skin. However, tinted moisturizers give lighter coverage that provides natural makeover to skin.
  • You should look to it that the foundation is properly blended according to skin type. Apply right in center proceeding outwards. Go in the direction from face to neck and apply it gently or else finishing lines will appear where you stopped it. So go in right direction while applying foundation.
  • Everyone have different types of skin and so depending upon the type of skin you possess use appropriate color and formula for your skin tone. Select matching color as your skin tone. Prepare a perfect blend that suits your skin type. Avoid making deep complexions with foundations as it will look obvious. Prefer changing of shades with season. Use dark shades in winter as skin is lighter and light shades in summer when skin is little darker. In addition to this it is also important to choose right formula for your skin. Prefer matte foundation for oily skin, whereas for dry skin go for hydrating product. The simple and best method to test foundation colors is along your jawline.
  • If you apply concealer before foundation then you will require very little foundation as without concealer. Therefore prefer using concealer before foundation that will give natural and complete makeup look. Apply concealer under eyes, on nose and one on chin.
  • For application of makeup foundation use sponge or brush and also finger tips. While applying foundation there is a right way to apply. The brush that you use for makeup allows covering all nooks, crannies and pores of your facial skin. Some of the makeup experts believe that finger tapping gives a warming up to your makeup and allows melting up of makeup giving a natural appearance. On the other hand sponge also provides a great coverage of foundation to makeup. So anything you can prefer for applying perfect blend of foundation.
  • Do throw wrong toned foundations and concealer if they do not suit your skin tone. These can be used to prepare perfect blend for your skin type. Or else different shades can be applied that may give a perfect color for your skin tone by preparing a blend of it.
  • The best way to conceal dark circles under the eyes is by using peach or yellow tone concealer. Applying dab concealer to the inner corner of eyes by tapping on that place can also cover these dark circles.
  • Do not forget to blot on oily skin before applications of powders or else your skin may give a cakey appearance.

These simple tips will help you to add glow to your beauty and also give you gorgeous look with perfect makeup.


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