Give Yourself a Thinner Look With Style Tips From The Pros


If you want to look thinner and fabulous, simply follow these simple fashion tips from the pros. All you need is your own creativity and the good taste to choose outfit ideas that complement how you look. The thing to remember is to spiffy up your wardrobe with flattering classics that suit the changing season.

Simple Fashion IdeasSimple Fashion Tips

Fashionistas love sharing style tips with the style pack, even offering life-saving fashion ideas for all occasions. Fashion always go hand in hand with a fine knowledge of accessorizing, simply the art of matching and mixing various colors with designs. Learn the art and you may find yourself keeping pace if not leading the trend of the fashion revolution.

These professional style tips will not only guarantee your success as a budding fashionista they will also arm you with valuable tricks to help perfect a silhouette. Here are some versatile professional tricks that will definitely come in handy if you ever find yourself in a fashion rut:

Simple Fashion jewelrySimple Fashion jewelry ideas

Play With Jewelry

Fashion is not limited to fabric, design or color alone. A simple black dress, for example, is simply a black dress but pair it with fine jewelry and it could look different, more fabulous. The trick is to start looking at jewelry as an important part of accessorizing. Jewelry creates a flattering slimming silhouette, even highlight or define your best feature. You can, for example, highlight your face with a simple chain around your neck. Long necklaces, on the other hand, shift attention from your mid-section to your decolletage. Long necklaces also lengthen a rather stubby neck. Another jewelry trick is to flatter your arms with glittery glam cuffs or bangles that draw the eye to the wrists rather than the upper arms.

Emphasize The Upper Body

A time-tested style trick both fashionistas and celebrities swear to is that a dress should always draw attention to the upper regions rather than the lower part of the body, which explains the popularity of the V-neckline.

Fab tops also add refinement and a slimming line to a fabulous silhouette. Wear tank tops, blouses, and cardigans that flatter the upper body and draw attention to your chest.

Fashion Shoes CollectionSimple Fashion Shoes ideas

Match Skin Tone With Shoes

Another style trick Hollywood celebrities swear to is fake a feminine and fabulous silhouette by matching their skin tone with their shoes. The trick is not only revolutionary but seems to work as fashionistas can attest to.

The effect of this magic spell is to create length on the lower section of the body. This trick is specially effective during the summer season. If you have fair skin, wear creamy colored or nude footwear. It’s best to analyze your particular skin tone, however, before buying your flattering footwear.

Jacket Over JeansChoose A Single Color

Choose A Single Color

If you want your torso to appear longer, choose block-colored dresses for a leaner effect. Bottom pieces should go with the same shade as the top pieces to give you that slimming vertical line fashionistas would kill for to have. Avoid cluttering your style by wearing more colors than a clown. A fashionista can stand out from the rest of the style pack if she follows a streamlined fashion sense that manages to marry simplicity with sophistication.

Jacket Over Jeans

Jeans, which used to be identified with the lower class, is now a staple in everybody’s wardrobe. Glamorize your jeans by pairing it with a fab looking blazer or jacket. Jackets, for one, give the impression of physicality and a toned body. Whether skinny or straight leg, jeans go well with a jacket that particularly suits your body shape. Remember that dressing well and looking good is the only best style trick to have to lighten your mood and boost your confidence.